What is the Safest Motorbike Jacket for Everyday Riding?

A motorcycle coat is a must-have tool for every rider. These coats offer a lot of functionality as compared to regular jackets. Much as a regular coat may cost less, it may not have the safety features needed to protect you while on the road.

Apart from providing ultimate comfort, bike jackets are built to give you extra protection. Moreover, these coats are specially designed to deal with unfavourable climate while riding.

A good coat should have insulating layers and wind blocking features to eliminate the effects of speeding through the brisk air.

The following are some of the top features of the safest bike coat:

Highly Visible

This is an essential safety feature that a coat should have when riding at night. A coat that is not visible in low light or fog compromises your safety while on the road because other drivers and cyclists may not be able to see you in the dark. It’s, therefore, a good idea to choose a product with bright colors, preferably fluorescent colors man in motorcycle jacketfor enhanced visibility.

Ventilation Options

A safe jacket should be perforated. This is essential especially for riders who are based in warm areas. Some products are perforated in key areas only while others are fully perforated.

Impact Protectors

A safe coat should be equipped with impact protectors in key areas such as elbows, knees, shoulders, and the back. Protectors will protect you from injury or reduce the severity of injury in case an accident occurs.

During the winter, ensure you get a motorcycle jacket that seals all the points where moisture can find its way in. The common areas to seal are the neck, waist, wrists and the zippers. A coat with an adjustable flap-style closure around the collar prevents water from running down the neck when you’re riding.

However, during the summer, your clothing should be lightweight and well perforated to free you up the heat.

Made of Leather

Products that are made of high-quality leather have good abrasion resistance to offer excellent protection from injury. The Joe Rocket brand is one of most recognized leather brands on the market with a great reputation of producing the safest gear on the market.


A classic cycle coat should have several internal and external pockets. Pockets come in handy when you need to carry some valuables with you. In fact, carrying valuable in your pants is not advisable when you’re on a bike. The pockets should be waterproof to keep moisture out.


A motorbike jacket should have zippers that are easy to open and close. The zippers should be covered with a flap of fabric to reduce the severity of injury in case you crash. It should also have seams from the inside to avoid abrasion.woman in coat

Storm Flaps

A protective jacket should have internal or external storm flaps to keep cold air out of the main zipper.

After you have looked at the safety and comfort of a motorcycle coat, it’s also important to ensure your clothing looks cool. Much as you may think it’s not important, safe riding is really about looking cool. So choose a well-made, high quality, comfortable and well fitting motorcycle coat.

A coat with the features mentioned above is a great tool that will ride through all sorts of obstacles the road and mother nature throws your way.

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