Clean Motorbike Jacket

Driving your motorbike and taking care of it is one thing but what truly matters the most is your attitude. When you’re riding on your motorcycle, your clothes and your upper torso are protected with your clothes. It’s relatively easy to deal with your shirt and pants, as far as laundry is concerned. Your coat is not how the shirt and pants are made and even washed.

This is because the motorbike you put on has a different textile and a completely different resistance. It is easy to put your normal clothes in the washing machine and expect them to be clean in a minute or so, the same cannot be done with the motorbike coat.

What is so special about motorbike jackets?

Motorbike jackets are usually made of leather and other fabric. The leather is nowhere close to resembling cotton, nylon, polyester or any other textile material. Think of leather like your skin. You wash it properly with soap and not detergents which are particularly used for clothes. Though detergent may be able to clean the dirt away, it is not going to keep your skin safe and will do more damage.

Leather clothes have to be cleaned in a special way. The texture and the stuff present in the coat are sensitive to detergent. Even wrapping it out of care and putting it aside will damage its structure.

As far as other textiles are concerned, they are of Corduroy or other materials such as Kevlar. They, unlike leather, can be treated a bit leniently.

While both natural and artificially made textiles are in and have their ups and downs, here’s how to clean both the materials which make up your motorbike jacket.

Leather motorbike jacket

For leather, you need to understand one simple rule: man in leather jacketDo not think about putting leather in the dryer or anywhere in the washing machine.

Cleaning the leather jacket, all you have to is to get a scrub and a leather cleaning solution. The solution should be sprayed on the jacket and then spread by applying scrub on it. If there is a stain on the coat that may require an extra effort, you may want to use soap or detergent. All you have to is apply the scrub on it but you have to make sure to keep the detergent quantity very less. In fact, the solution itself should be mild as dilute as much as possible.

After having done this, allow the coat to be dry. If you’re extra protective about the jacket, you may want to apply a leather conditioner as well to keep the coat look good and prevents it from cracks and tearing.

Corduroy or Kevlar

Jackets made out of these materials can be cleaned without the solution or any special liquid. All you have to do is to brush the surface of the jacket with a solution of the detergent and brush the surface gently and nicely. The jacket should then be dried in a washing dryer and make sure to add a waterproof solution too so the coat doesn’t wear off its original tone. Allow the coat to be dried and you’re ready to wear it again.

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