VikingCycle Thor Motorbike Jacket - Product Review

It's a perfect balance of comfort, protection and price ...

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What's the VikingCycle Thor Motorbike Jacket?

Product Name:

Thor by Vikingcycle

Product Type:

Mens Textile Motorcycle Jacket


The VikingCycle Thor motorcycle jacket is the type of clothing that is perfect for any environment. Made from 100% Tri-Tex fabric, this coat is not only one of the most comfortable you’ll ever try on, it’s bound to be better-fitting than most, too! The VikingCycle coat is available in a wide variety of sizes, and at a much more economical price than comparable motorcycle jackets. No matter your body type or budget, this is the best textile motorcycle jacket on the market.

Generally speaking, motor cyclists take their craft very seriously. They tend to know a lot about their bike, maintaining it, repairing it, and most of them seem to know a lot about your bike somehow, as well. That being true, none of them want to waste money on a coat that they think they’ll end up returning, or barely enjoy, or one that they think is simply an eyesore. Make an informed decision concerning the monumental task of picking out a motorcycle jacket and you’ll be sure to pick one that you can be proud of every single time.

State of the Art Protection

This coat utilizes a new method of keeping you safe and protected while you’re on the road. It’s CE Approved Armour is designed to allow for the perfect degree of free movement, as well as thick enough to absorb most of the impact in case of an accident or wreck. The neon green, reflective PU badges ensure that others see you in even the worst of conditions. Basically, this jacket’s manufacturers’ have taken many steps to ensure that you’re as safe as possible while wearing it, which is a facet of its design that is always deeply appreciated.

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"You’ll find a soft Microfiber trim makes up the mandarin-style collar, giving the jacket a touch of both style and comfort."

The Fit and Make

One aspect of this jacket that is sure to blow nearly every user away is its sleek, slim, yet still comfortable fit, once you get the jacket in your proper size. Some users have claimed the sizes to run on the smaller side. No matter the wearer, the jacket feels as though it was designed with you in mind. The VikingCycle Thor motorcycle jacket arrives perfectly at the happy medium of slim-fitting but not restrictive- protective, but allowing for maximum movement and control. Plus, the jacket just happens to look great! Mostly black, with grey patches of ventilation and some outer edges. It’s modern design and elegant style is sure to capture anyone’s attention.

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Our Final Verdict

All in all, purchasing the VikingCycle Thor motorcycle jacket is one of the best and smartest decisions you can make in this market. Stylish, functional, warm in the winter and cool in the spring, it’s the perfect complement to any ride- whether it be the evening or morning. If you’re looking for a new jacket but haven’t found one that’s caught your eye yet, consider taking this one out for a spin. After experiencing its incomparable comfort to what you’ve worn before, you’ll be glad that you gave the VikingCycle Thor textile jacket a shot.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Specially designed light weight body armour
  • CE Approved impact absorbent protection
  • Reflective PU badges allow for safe night riding
  • Two tone tri-tex fabric combination

The Bad

  • Sizes tend to run small

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