Viking Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

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What's the Viking Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Ironborn by VikingCycle

Product Type:

Textile Motorcycle Jacket


This model is an ideal choice for someone on a budget and looking for a more affordable motorcycle jacket that still touches on all of the primary features they are looking for. With waterproof material, a comfortable fit that adjusts to your shape, removable armor for safety and protection, and a removable insulated sleeve liner, this jacket has all of the essentials of a great quality textile motorcycle jacket with a smaller price tag.

Safety Features That Offer Protection

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The Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile jacket offers a number of safety features to give motorcyclists the peace of mind they need that their jacket is providing them with the protection they need while on the road. These features include removable armor for the elbows and shoulders that have been C.E. approved, as well as spine armor that is removable with a pocket to slip in an optional C.E. spine protector.

These removable armor options give the wearer a choice to have them inserted in the jacket or not, and allow them maximum protection while still being comfortable and manoeuvrable.

This coat also is ideal for cooler winter days with the liner in place to keep the rider warm. Staying cool in the hot sun, while staying safe and protected, is definitely a concern of many motorcyclists, but should no longer be much of a concern with this coat.

A Jacket That Adapts To Your Body 

The Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle textile Jacket features a 6-point Sure Fit™ custom adjustment system, which means that the jacket will conform to the shape of the rider’s body, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit every time.

In addition, the model has an adjustable waist and cuffs, giving this coat the maximum level of customization so it can be the perfect fit for any wearer. This not only provides an enhanced level of comfort to the motorcyclist wearing it, but it also allows for a heightened level of maneuverability, as a good fit will always ensure that the user can properly move around while riding.

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A Jacket For All Weather Conditions

Whether the user of the coat is looking to take to the roads on warm days, in the cold, or daring to go out in the rain, the Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket is up to the challenge. It is designed to withstand a number of weather conditions so the wearer is comfortable at all times while riding.

The waterproof treated Rock Tex 600 Outer Shell protects against rain, keeping the wearer dry while riding. In addition, the insulated full sleeve liner keeps the wearer warm in chilly weather, and the insulated sleeve liner can be removed in warmer weather to keep the rider cool.

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Our Final Verdict 

A lot of motorcycle jackets can be expensive, making it difficult to shop on a budget. This option is a durable model that should last in the long-term, while still providing the wearer with the essential features they need while riding their motorcycle. Covering all of the basic necessities, with a rare custom adjustment system to ensure a proper fit, the Ironboard model from VikingCycle is definitely a unique gem on the market that anyone in search of the ideal motorcycle coat should take a look at and consider adding to their collection of motorcycle gear.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Waterproof
  • Removable armor for protection
  • 6 point SureFit™ custom adjustment system

The Bad

  • Lack of ventilation may not be suitable for warmer days
  • Does not include compatible C.E. approved spine protector

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