Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

High quality all rounder that's perfect for any budget!

Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Tourmaster Transition Series 3 

Product Type:

Textile Motorcycle Jacket


The Tourmaster Transition Series 3 is a proven all-rounder motorcycle jacket that’s perfect for any type of biker. The brand itself is highly respected in the community as an honest supplier of great quality & cheap motorcycle jackets. Just as the name implies, these guys are the ‘masters’ at providing quality motorcycle touring gear & apparel.

The Transition Series textile jackets, in particular has remained highly popular amongst riders. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on the Transition Series 3, which has been carefully restyled in the looks department while keeping with the original, highly functional material found in the previous series.

This coat is touted to be a true all-purpose, multi-season performer. It’s expected to fulfill quite a list of requirements for a good review. It has to keep me warm in the cold, cool in the heat, dry when it’s raining, feel comfortable and protect my venerable soft body during an accident. Having plenty of experience with the previous series in this line, I know Tour masters will not disappoint with their well-known motorcycle touring jacket design.

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Comfortable & Spacey Textile 

This coat fits me well. I might even say it’s the most comfortable coat I’ve worn. It’s superbly designed with Carbolex, avoiding the characteristics of hard canvas that you feel in other coats. This fabric felt soft and worn in, even before my first test ride in it.

When testing any motorcycle touring gear I go through a ridiculous amount of daily riding time to see if it ticks all the requirement boxes. I expect something comfortable if I’m doing long rides. The key element to this is mobility and is achieved through the cut and adjust-ability.

The arms have expansion joints in the shoulder to stop any pulling at the back and bunching up under the arms.
Velcro adjusters at the ribs work with the stretch band at the back of the coat to enhance the fit. Velcro is also used in the cuff area for adjustments leaving you the option to wear your gloves on the outside or inside of the cuff depending on weather conditions. Sleeve take-ups are then utilized to hold the armor tight in place and to avoid loose material. These detailed adjustments allow the user to custom fit particular areas to their liking.

You’re going to find a crazy amount of pocket space here. More than you will probably need. Has map packet on chest, Velcro closure hip pockets, media pocket, huge fanny pack pocket and handy key pocket in the left sleeve. All in all, there are 2 upper pockets, 2 lower pockets, one large interior and two small interiors for cell phone and glasses. All the outside pockets come with vinyl type lining to them waterproof and remain easy to access.

"Two-way zipper designs are robust enough to be handled with your gloves on."

A Zip Out Quilted liner is included, while the outer shell is waterproof and breathable. This keeps out the rain from the inner mesh while allowing airflow. It’s a great choice for long rides where there’s a chance for change in weather.

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One Of The Most Well Ventilated Motorcycle Jacket Designs Ever

Tourmasters have left room for ample ventilation along the sleeves, back and chest area on the Series 3. Designed to stream air directly through the coat while using a liner system invented to lead air from outside vents to the inner liner. The climate control properties are crucial to keeping you comfortable in varying weather conditions that makes this coat great for the three seasons and still remains effective in the warmer climate.

This clever vent design has a hook and loop flap that covers the waterproof vent zippers and can be fastened back to form a scoop shape of sorts in the shoulder area. These same vents are found on the sleeves as well as the inside and outside of the chest. When I needed to channel more airflow I would open up all of these vents and found that the reflective adjuster at the bottom sides of the coat could be used with the two-way zipper to further the effect maximize airflow. This was the most effective combination I would use on hotter days.

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Great for almost all riding condition

The Transition Series 3 is my first choice for most weather conditions during the year. When temps go over 85 and high humidity comes in, I switch over to a mesh summer coat. Having said that, I still find it comfortable to wear during the summer season. I get pretty sweaty in the heat but find it manageable. Just get moving and that heat will dissipate.

A Great All-Around Product

After riding in in the cooler season I remained comfortable and warm in temperatures down to the high 30s. I hit my fair share of rainy days and stayed mostly dry after the ride. The RainGuard system on the surface of the coat kept the rain out while drawing the moisture away. With so much thermal flexibility you don’t need to risk safety for comfort.

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 Features That Make You Feel Safe & Well Protected

My first reaction when handling the garment was ‘thick’ and ‘sturdy’. The ¾ length men’s textile motorcycle coat is made from carbolex, a highly abrasion resistant material. The Carbolex used in this motorcycle touring jacket is a 600 denier modified polyester base material that covers the shell giving it that softer feel when compared to similar coat.

The reinforcement and plating is placed where it counts. The shoulder and elbows are reinforced with 1680 denier ballistic polyester. The CE approved armor can be found in these areas and are removable if your looking to beast it out more.

If you have a look inside the back pad, you’ll find that it is armored, however the armor is not CE rated and a triple density protector was used.The trade off to this is that it’s highly articulated, keeping it flexible and comfortable when worn.

Visibility on the road is a huge part of safety. The brighter I shine, the less chance some idiot fails to see me. The textile jackets phoslite panels and reflective piping kept me highly visible when the sun went down and provided 360 degrees of visibility through well-placed reflectors. The Series 3 manages to combine style and safety using black reflective panels that are able to illuminate when hit by a light source. Armor is going to cushion some damage from a crash but it’s high visibility that keeps me feeling safe on the ride home to the lady.

Our Final Verdict

This jacket blows away the competition. If your looking for the best adventure motorcycle jacket, Tour masters have always excelled at producing reasonably priced jackets loaded to the brim with features. With the Transition 3 Series you get a killer deal for a whole lot of jacket, which is what we have come to expect from the brand over the last decade.

If you have a small budget and need something that ticks off multiple requirements and suits most riding conditions, then you can’t go past the Transition Series of jackets.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Amazing ventilation system
  • Heaps of storage areas
  • Lots of protection 

The Bad

  • A little bulkier than other models 
  • Armor rating lower quality

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