Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket  
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Great for all types of riders and weather conditions

Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

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Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket

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Textile Motorcycle Jacket


The Alpinestars Viper Air was one of the most important and best things that I took on my road trip in Thailand.  With a huge amount of features and benefits longer than your arm it kept me cool and comfortable in one of the hottest places to ride any type of bike in the world. This is DEFINITELY one to look at!

Recently I got a call from an old mate of mine who invited me to come stay at his house in Thailand so we could go on a bromantic motorcycle road trip together. While this may sound a little fruity to some people, for me it was like music to my ears. It cost me a week of burnt dinner and a pissed off wife but I didn’t care I WAS GOING! My friend has been living in Thailand for over 5 years and warned me that the weather conditions there can be hot as f*%k (pardon my French) and advised me to bring good summer riding gear.

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Designed To Keep You Cool

I Googled “summer motorcycle jacket” and stumbled across the Alpinestars Viper Air Textile coat. I ended up with a small list of cool motorbike coat to choose from, but I ended up choosing the Alpinestars Viper Air textile coat for a few reasons, but mainly because it was built for riding in hot temperatures which basically solved my first world problem.

As you can see this jacket is optimal for summer riding which is how they sold me on making it my official Thailand road trip jacket. When it arrived immediately tried it on to see how it fit, but I have to say I was a slightly disappointed with the sizing of the coat. It was a little smaller than other Alpinestars jackets I had tried on in the past especially in the arm length. It wasn’t a major let down, just a little more snug than usual...maybe it’s possible I should’ve laid off the snacks I hide in my drawers.

I highly recommend people checking out the Alpinestars size chart before making any purchases as they have great guides for size and measurement. So with my gear all packed, all I had to do now was take my new Viper Air textile coat for a test drive, and I couldn’t wait.

As soon as I stepped foot off the plane I immediately felt a hot gust of air hit my face and that’s when I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. My friend wasn’t kidding when he said it gets hot in the tropics. I was sweating in places I didn’t think was possible, and was already imagining myself head to toe in motorbike gear passing out mid ride.

After a few hours of settling in and acclimatizing we were ready to hit the road. So I got all geared up and said about a thousand Hail Mary’s that my Alpinestars coat would work its magic.

Best Summer Motorcycle Jacket I Have Ever Used

The Alpinestars Viper Air Textile coat fulfilled its’ duties and was definitely the smarter choice over my Joe Rocket Classic leather coat which I usually get around in. The mesh on mesh paneling allowed lots air to flow inside my coat and the quick dry material absorbed my sweat a lot faster than most other jackets which was an added bonus.

It was also clear to see that Alpinestars doesn’t mess around when it comes to manufacturing quality motorcycle gear. My Viper Air textile coat survived off road enduro tracks, a couple of scrapes against very large tree branches and a monkey that decided he wanted to try and rip off my coat to wear for himself I guess? While my coat definitely doesn’t look brand new anymore, there wasn’t a stitch out of place at the end of my trip which really left me quite impressed.

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One thing that I can’t forget to mention is the good deal you get for this upgraded version of the Alpinestars Viper Air. Usually when you see a new model being released more often than not they tend to also come with an upgraded price tag also. Alpinestars obviously thought carefully about their pricing

This Jacket is Almost Perfect...Except for

While it was nice to have a light weight jacket that wasn’t thick and heavy to wear in the scorching heat, one of the setbacks of this textile motorcycle coat was the fact that I didn’t feel very safe when riding like a maniac. This Alpinestars coat didn’t provide very much padding in the chest and back areas, only giving you about half an inch of foam for protection, which left me feeling very exposed and vulnerable. I could have opted to pay extra and buy the add-on racing back protector inserts but I was already in the bad books with the misses as it was.

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“Not that it really effected my comfort while riding for hours straight, but in terms of looks and aesthetics I would definitely suggest going up a size if you are going to buy this jacket.”

Last downside was the quality of the zippers on the arm. They tended to get stuck on the mesh panel underneath it, and I’m hoping that this is something Alpinestars will improve on with their next version of this incredibly well designed motorcycle coat for summer.

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 Features That Make It A Great Choice For Summer Riding Conditions

  • It is much more refined and sophisticated than the previous version.
  • Constructed from 600 Denier poly-fabric outer shell reinforced with PU for excellent tear and abrasion performance.
  • Sports fit style mesh motorcycle jacket.
  • Extensive double mesh lining on front and rear panels for increased airflow and climate control.
  • Removable windproof inner vest liner to allow coat to be worn in wet weather
  • Velcro panels on wrists and hips to adjust to your own comfort
  • Sleeves are built with two way zippers for added airflow when riding
  • Airflow-intake system on lower arms includes perforated gusset for extra breath-ability
  • Removable CE certified Bio Armor shoulder and elbow protection for impact protection
  • Pre-curved sleeves for increased comfort in riding position.
  • High visibility reflective detailing on front and back for added rider visibility
  • Waterproof napoleon pockets inside the jackets inner lining to store your electronics

Our Final Verdict

All in all I would say that the Alpinestars Viper Air Textile coat was a good SUMMER motorcycle coat. It served its purpose and provided me with enough protection and comfort to get me through my summer motorcycle road trip in the jungles of Thailand and has made it back to the U.S in one piece.

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I will most certainly wear it again in the summer seasons, however I don’t think it is quite built for riding in colder climates which is a bit of a bummer. And by the way if anyone is wondering if Thailand is a good destination for a riding holiday, the answer is “does a one legged duck swim in circles?”

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Highly durable and abrasion resistant
  • Optimized for High Airflow
  • Bio-Armor Elbow  and Shoulder Protectors 
  • Ergonomic Curved Sleeves to reduce fatigue
  • 3D Mesh Collar & Padded Wrist Edging

The Bad

  • Not 100% Waterproof in Heavy Rainfall
  • Not a lot of warmth on cold mornings or night riding
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