Best Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Jacket To Keep You Dry In The Rain

Viking Ironborn

Have you ever been out for a ride, only to have the wind cut through you as if you had been climbing Mount Everest? Have you ever been caught out in the rain during a ride, and ended up at your destination looking like a drowned rat?

Everyone knows that, while it looks cool, leather is NOT the best material for wet weather. While it will handle a light sprinkle, a downpour can destroy even the best leather coat. Mesh isn’t much better when it comes to rain. While it’s more water-resistant for sure, it’s porous nature won’t do much to keep you dry.

The sheer versatility of the textile jacket is what makes it the default choice for a biker jacket combining the crash protection of leather with the warm weather comfort of a lighter mesh or casual jacket.

Textile jackets offer weatherproof coatings to keep you dry in a downpour without the sheer weight of leather while their built-in venting means that you can open them up to the cooling breeze in summer without compromising crash protection as you would by wearing a casual (or indeed no) jacket. A textile motorcycle jacket there is no need to compromise on either comfort or safety.

Textile jackets offer the best of both worlds -- maximum protection from the elements, and the latest anti-abrasion protection in case of an impact. This is why these coats are fast becoming the number one choice for motorcycle touring and everyday rides.

The best motorcycle textile jackets are ideal for cold and wet climates, but with all the options out there, choosing the RIGHT option for your ride can be overwhelming. We’ve tested dozens of these coats and found the best brands which give you maximum protection and weather resistance. Here’s the top 5 best textile motorcycle jackets for men and women available today.

5 Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets Review

#1 - Mens' Viking Cycle Ironborn

man with helmet

Great looking textile jacket with some cool features. With a simple, understated design, this coat is super sleek. The perfect mixture of function and value.

This coat comes with what you’d expect from a good waterproof textile biker jacket, with removable armor in the shoulders as well as elbows. We also loved the removable padding in the spine, which has an optional pocket to insert a CE-approved spine protector. This could be the best textile motorcycle jacket on the market.

Riders have mentioned this coat is a tighter fit than expected, so you may have to order a size larger for the jacket to fit comfortably. Overall, a great coat for a great price.

#2 - Joe Rocket Heartbreaker 3.0 Women's

Black Coat

We gotta give the ladies some love too! This riding jacket will not only keep you girls dry, but with it’s cool embroidered design, you’ll look smokin’ hot too.

With a Rock Tex 600 outer shell to keep the water out, as well as the standard CE-approved armor inserts, you can ride easy knowing your coat looks cool - but keeps you safe too.

Female riders love this textile Joe Rocket Heartbreaker because of the comfy fit and schnazzy look. Wearing this jacket will be sure to turn some heads thanks to its sassy, form-fitting design.

#3 -  Alpinestars Viper Air

front shot

This jacket is exactly what you would expect from Alpinestars - quality. Elaborate mesh paneling gives you unparalleled temperature control. This coat is guaranteed to be comfortable in the heat, as well as keeping you toasty warm in cooler temps.

This puppy is made of high-quality 600 Denier, which makes the material super strong. This coat not only looks like a race jacket, but feels like one too.

If you want great quality with the flexibility of an all-weather jacket, then the Viper Air Textile is for you.

#4 - Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air

Black Coat

What can we say, we love Alpinestars! There’s just no better deal in textile for the quality and price. This jacket is the next step up from the Alpinestars Viper Air. The Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air for men is built with the same high-quality Denier fabrics, but also incorporates some seriously high-end safety features.

With removable CE-approved Bio armor and reflective panels for riding at night, this coat is designed with your safety in mind. The accordion stretch shoulder panels give you a snug fit while allowing full mobility to move your arms. The perfect combo of safety and comfort.

If you are looking for a textile coat which gives great ventilation, is super comfortable, and also protects you both in and out of the saddle, then check out the Alpinestars T-GP R Air. This is certainly one of the best mens' textile motorcycle jackets.

#5 - Cortech GX Sport 3 Armored

backend photo

This coat is hands down, one of the best textile jackets on our list. Riders can’t stop raving about the Cortech! With all the top-notch features, it’s mind-boggling this coat doesn't cost double the price.

The shell is 600 Denier Carbolex, with 1680 Denier Ballistic Polyester material in both the elbows and shoulders for maximum abrasion resistance. Customizable straps on both the forearms and biceps allow you to adjust the coat for your body type. This is great, because the heavy-duty CE-approved armor doesn't shift around.

Combine this with a breathable and waterproof rain-guard, and you’re protected against anything you encounter. The best part? You’ll look seriously cool with its pro-rider design.

If you’re looking for the best mens textile motorcycle jacket - this Cortech is definitely for you. 

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

#1 - What’s the Difference Between Mesh & Textile Jackets?

There is a number of review sites out there that state that mesh material is safer than textile. However, that is not true. Textile motorcycle jackets provide a higher level of protection, especially in wet conditions. The fibres used in their construction are of a tighter weave, giving them greater abrasion resistance. They can also be worn in cooler weather, and provide better protection from the elements than other materials.

A mesh motorcycle jacket may have been designed solely for off-road use so may be unsuitable for a crash involving tarmac and the friction and heat involved whereas a specialized textile motorbike jacket will have been designed and thoroughly tested for street use and the possible impacts that could entail.

Unlike a mesh motorcycle coat, a textile motorbike jacket is windproof, waterproof, and comes complete with high-quality impact resistant body armor. The best brands will also have removable liners to compensate for different weather conditions.

Similarities with a mesh coat include the focus on protective armor and padding in high impact/abrasion areas. Although, usually a textile coat will withstand a crash or weather more effectively than a mesh coat.

#2 - When is a Textile Jacket the Best Option?

Textile jackets are known for their versatility, which means there are tons of options to choose from. When selecting a jacket you need to create a checklist of questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of impact and abrasion protection do I want?
  • What kind of weather am I going to be riding in?
  • Do I need a coat for general purpose, or something that’s highly specialized?

If you are going to be riding in extreme conditions, then a textile coat will be the best option for you. They are typically heavier than a mesh coat, but offer considerably more protection against wind and rain. The addition of removable liners also makes them adjustable depending on conditions. Generally, textile coats usually have more pockets, which can add to its utility as a touring coat as well. 

A textile biking jacket is designed to encompass the full range of biking types and activities from long distance touring to sports riding through to adventure riding which means they offer versatility with proper storage for phones, gloves, GPS and your keys plus built-in slots for your body armor.

#3 - How to Care for your Gear?

Caring for your coat is pretty easy, and unlike leather coats, doesn't require any special treatments or chemicals. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to care for all your motorbike textile jackets:

  • What kind of impact and abrasion protection do I want?
  • What kind of weather am I going to be riding in?
  • Do I need a coat for general purpose, or something that’s highly specialized?

Seriously. That’s it. To dry - simply hang it up and keep your textile jacket out of direct sunlight.

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