Best Motorcycle Covers: Heavy Duty & Waterproof vs. Lightweight Dust Covers

As much as we would love to always be riding, at some point, we need to park up and use a motorcycle cover to protect our trusty steed.

Not all bike owners have the luxury of leaving their motorbikes in a garage — you will need a storm protector covering for bad weather, and a motorcycle cover with lock to deter potential thieves.

Bike canvasses also protect your bike from UV rays, dust, heat, and wind. All of these environmental elements can shorten the lifespan of your motor, and put you out of pocket in cleaning bills and repairs.

Before investing in an outdoor motorcycle canvas, pay close consideration to the materials used. You are looking for durable, high-quality fabrics. Choose from everything from leather to antimicrobial fabrics that prevent mold and mildew growth.

Read on to hear our top picks of the best motorcycle covers for protecting your most prized possession.




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Tour Master Elite

Tour Master Elite


Tour Master Select

Tour Master Select


Tour Master Select UV Half

Tour Master Select UV Half


Tour Master Journey

Tour Master Journey


Dowco Guardian Traveler

Dowco Guardian Traveler


Dowco Guardian UltraLite

Dowco Guardian UltraLite


Dowco Guardian UltraLite Plus

Dowco Guardian UltraLite Plus


Dowco Guardian Premium Half

Dowco Guardian Premium Half


Dowco Guardian WeatherALL

Dowco Guardian WeatherALL


Dowco Guardian WeatherALL Plus EZ Zip

Dowco Guardian WeatherALL Plus EZ Zip

Motorcycle Covers At A Glance

There are many materials and design features that go into creating the perfect hood for your bike or scooter.

You can get models made from nylon, canvas, leather, polyester, or a mix of textiles.

Some cloakings will also include a locking system that acts as a visual deterrent to thieves alongside your ABS.

You must always ensure that your engine has cooled down before covering your bike with any type of canvas or bike covering. Some designs come with heat-resistant aluminized nylon in the lining. This feature reduces the time you have to wait before you can cloak your engine and exhaust.

You should also make sure you pick a cover that comes with its own handlebar bag. Coatings are very awkward to take along with you if you do not have a proper bag for your bike canvas.

You may also want to check the product specification for ease of use. Make sure that the fastenings are secure and convenient enough for you to assemble in a hurry. You may also benefit from liners that offer you additional pockets for small item like your biking gloves.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Cover

Choosing the best motor covering for your needs will depend on the weather conditions you experience on a daily basis whilst out biking.

If you live in a temperate climate you may need to mix and match summer and winter outdoor covers for your motorcycle. Be prepared to purchase multiple designs for your needs.

Weather & Waterproofing Requirements

Firstly, consider your waterproofing requirements. If you live in a humid region, you may need a dehumidifying design with air vents and moisture-wicking capabilities. Condensation build-up can damage your motor over time.

Make sure you invest in a model that can be easily washed with a garden hose and mild detergent.

Waterproof and water-resistant are two very different qualities in any awning. Bear in mind that the term waterproof means that NO water can get into the canvas. This makes it a good option for torrential downpours.

In humid climates, moisture in the air can start to cause rusting. Therefore, a ventilated, water-resistant option may be more practical, as circulating air and mildew-resistant fabric will keep your motor safe.

Color And Visibility

Color choice is another important factor in choosing your ideal motorbike covering. Many styles come in gray or black, and you will also find reflective panels on many modern covers — these help you find your bike in the dark.

You can also find brightly-colored covers — ideal for those who need help spotting their bikes in busy parking lots.

Security Measures

Covering your motor from prying eyes is a simple yet effective deterrent to thieves.

Be careful to always hide your bike before you leave it unattended. You can find lockable covers that include reinforced grommets in the bottom for extra security.

Some come with a security cable and lock, or you can buy them separately. Even a tough, rip-proof fabric may slow a robber down, so look out for the best cover buys that come with these bonus security features.

Styles Of Motorcycle Covers

There are so many different types of bike shelters on the market, and it can be hard to know where to start when choosing which one to buy. Perhaps you need a good storage liner that can work in all weathers, or you may only need a half covering that protects against harmful UV rays. If you are looking to invest your money wisely, take a look at this roundup of the main motorcycle covering types.

Lockable Motorcycle Covers

The most sought-after outdoor motorbike shelters are the ones that feature slits, or sometimes cables meant for a lock. These are great to own if you street park often and you want just another layer of deterrent against would-be criminals.

All-Weather Motorcycle Covers

Strong and durable fabric is the aim of the game with all-rounder motorbike coverings. All-weather covers accommodate many vehicle sizes.

The fabric will be at least 300D thick and have reinforced stitching to offer complete storm protection. They also have air vents and moisture-wicking properties to stop condensation from building up.

Water-Resistant Covers

There’s always a chance of light rain when you’re out and about on your bike. Ultra-light motorbike tents are perfect for use on-the-go, and often come in bright, reflective colors you can see in the dark.

These may be cheaper, but they only offer around 150D of rain protection, which may not be enough to protect your cycle from a torrential downpour.

UV Motorcycle Dust Cover

Perfect for arid climates, dust covers offer robust UV-resistant technology, protecting your windshield from damaging solar rays.

UV dust coverings are crucial if you don’t want to burn your hands or butt after leaving your wheels in the hot sun for extended periods.

Motorcycle Half Cover

Half covers offer some rain protection, however, like UV liners, half ones fit around the top of the cycle or scooter.

These are great for travel. You can also find half covers that are ideal for indoor use. Indoor covers are a good buy for those who store their wheels in a dusty garage most of the time.

Best Lockable Motorcycle Cover

● The Tour Master Elite cover provides complete shelter from rain and wind. It’s also fully vented, allowing for air to flow freely under the lining.

● Aluminized panels towards the bottom of the cover provide heat-resistance. You can shield the hottest parts of your bike from the elements in double-quick time.

● Fabric Includes sewn-in grommets suitable for bicycle locks (sold separately). Elastic shock cord at the bottom gives it a snug fit.

Top Water-Resistant Covering

● Offering 150D of rain-resistance, the Tour Master Select is made from unique Carbolex materials.

● Contains an inner windshield and tail protective covering.

● Includes a stuff bag, and elasticated bottom with grommets (to support a bike lock).

Best UV-Resistant Motorcycle Cover

● To keep your bike cool in the sun, check out the Tour Master Select UV Half Cover with stuff bag included in the price.

● Keep your seat and handlebars 'ride ready' with the ultra-effective heat-resistant protective lining.

● Its elasticated bottom and hidden windshield expansion flap make it a flexible option for many vehicle types.

Best Eco-Friendly

● The Tour Master Journey is made from a Polypropylene and UV- protective material that is eco-friendly.

● It also offers full waterproof protection and ultrasonic-toughened seams.

● Comes in a range of sizes, and it fastens with secure straps.

Top Traveler

● Dowco Guardian Traveler is very light and easy to fold down and store in your tank bag or trunk. It’s also made from tough fabric, making it a great choice for sport bikers.

● It covers the top half of your bike, and it is made from waterproof and breathable fabric.

● It also has an elasticated cord to provide a close fit.

Best Quick-Dry Cover

● If you're covering your motor in between rainy spells, the Dowco Guardian Ultralite dries in double-quick time.

● Features fabric treated with Urethane, to protect the top half of your bike from pollution, dirt and UV-rays.

● It’s water-resistant and contains sewn-in vents to reduce condensation.

Top Waterproof Half Covering

● The Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus is your traveling companion, as its light and comes with its own compact bag.

● The polyester material is rip-stop and abrasion-proof. It will also dry quicker than many other types of motorbike liner.

● The covering also contains ventilation slits and outside storage pockets for your gloves and sunglasses.

Best Premium Half Cover

● The Dowco Guardian Premium Half Cover is an excellent investment for those who like to travel light. This product folds easily into a small storage bag.

● The canvas also features highly reflective piping on the outer lining, this allows for full nighttime visibility.

● It is made from durable microfiber material, and it's easy to install with foot peg straps and access for your bicycle antennae.

Top Ventilated Cover

● The Dowco - Guardian WeatherAll offers exclusive ClimaShield® protection, repelling water from damaging your bike.

● It features a sewn-in strap and elastic, for a secure fit that shields your motor vehicle from wind and storms.

● It also includes aluminum panels, as well as holes designed for a lock fastening. You can cover your bike immediately after you park.

Top All-Weather Motorcycle Covers

● The Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus EZ Zip is a superb all-weather liner. It's breathable, waterproof and promises to be easier to install than other types.

● Get full 300D water protection, plus a durable top coating. Its polyurethane and treated lining also prevent mildew growth.

● You can rest assured that this canvas accommodates most sizes of bike, and its made up of double-stitched 300D, windshield fabric.

Final Thoughts

The right cover will help protect your investment from any destructive natural elements.

In a rainstorm, it is obvious how useful a decent canvas is. However, many biker enthusiasts may neglect to shelter their precious bike from the more insidious environmental saboteurs, like UV rays and dust.

Condensation is another threat to the longevity of your motorbike or scooter. Mildew and mold under the lining of your cycle can start to breed unless you regularly clean your lining. (Or, you find vented canvases that allow air to circulate your vehicle).

Finally, your cycle cover should a form of protection against loss or theft of your bike. Look for designs with grommets that can fit a cable and lock.

Lockable, all-weather motorbike covers reassure you and help keep your bike on the road for longer.

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