Xelement CF-380 Armored Motorcycle Jacket 
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Xelement CF-380 Armored Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Xelement CF-380 Armored Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Xelement CF-380

Product Type:

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


This Xelement armored motorcycle jacket has passed the highest level of crash testing, EN1621-1 & EN1621-2, and has received CE approval for its armor. The advanced armor technology of this jacket features removable padding in the back, shoulders, and elbows. Despite the strong armor, this jacket remains lightweight and non-bulky. This product is also designed to be comfortable and easily adjustable to your fit, using the Velcro waist straps.

In addition, the Tri-Tex breathable laminated fabric and the removable mesh lining and quilted liner serve to maximize airflow and keep you cool during hot riding conditions.

This jacket is a great value for the price, and features durable and crash tested armor that you can trust to protect you as you ride. I would especially recommend this jacket for hot weather conditions because the removable mesh lining and the breathable fabric help to maximize airflow and keep you cool. In very cold conditions, however, I would recommend pairing this coat with a thermal or a hoodie underneath. The coat also features 4 outer pockets and two inner pockets for storage.

Though the pockets are convenient and spacious, the zipper straps may be bothersome to some as they tend to flap at high speed. Overall this is a great quality men's mesh motorbike jacket that comes with armor and offers a lot of value for the price. Below I have listed some of my favorite features.

Crash Tested & Certified Protection

Having armor that you can trust in the event of a crash is a top priority when searching for reliable gear. The level 3 protection armor in this Xelement jacket has been impacting tested at the highest levels, EN1621-1 and EN1621-2 ,and has been awarded the highest level of CE approval.

This coat is made out of abrasion resistant Tri-Tex 600 Denier High-Performance Fabric and features removable armor pads in the shoulders, elbows, and upper and lower back regions.

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"Unlike others that I have tried, this lightweight motorcycle jacket with armor is not bulky despite the good level of strong & durable protection it provides."

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Well Ventilated Design

This jacket offers great airflow thanks to the removable mesh lining and the breathable laminated fabric. I have used this jacket in 85 degrees F weather comfortably without overheating. On the other hand, this jacket can also be used in chilly weather since it has a removable quilt liner.

The quilted liner does add some additional warmth, but if you are riding in very cold temperatures, you may want to use this jacket with a thermal or a hoodie underneath. Lastly, this is not a waterproof coat but it does offer some water resistance thanks to its laminated fabric. I have used this coat in light showers and have been pleasantly surprised, but if it is raining heavily expect for the jacket to soak through overtime. This is still one of the best is one of the best motorbike clothing coats available on the market.

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Our Final Verdict

This Xelement motorcycle jacket is easily adjustable to your fit thanks to the Velcro waist straps and cuff adjustments. Because it is adjustable you can reduce flapping at high speeds. Overall this jacket is comfortable and offers a fair amount of storage with its many pockets. This jacket is a great value considering its price point and its certified level of protection. Overall, in this review we would recommend this product for those looking for a non-bulky armored jacket that is comfortable and great for chilly to hot weather conditions.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Level 3 CE approved armor
  • Great air flow
  • Easily adjustable to reduce flapping
  • Fair storage

The Bad

  • Not waterproof
  • Need additional jackets for cold months
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