Joe Rocket Velocity Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review 

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joe rocket mesh motorcycle coat

What's the Joe Rocket Velocity Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Velocity by Joe Rocket

Product Type:

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


The Joe Rocket Velocity mesh jacket has been crafted from a one of a kind technology. From the FreeAir mesh to the new 6-point SureFit system, this coat utilizes a myriad of innovative designs and features to ensure an experience like no other. Plus, this jacket comes not only in a variety of sizes (ranging from small to XXX-large), but in a variety of colors, as well. There’s a black design, a grey base, and even a primarily red design available for any cyclist that isn’t afraid to attract attention. And last but not least, this sleek design and pristine technology are available at an economical price that will undoubtedly surprise.

Most cyclists conduct serious research before purchasing a bike, a part, or even an accessory like a jacket. With the Joe Rocket Velocity jacket, you’re able to do that research to whatever extent you desire and still be happy with the results. Further investigation into public opinion of this product will render you with pages upon pages of positive reviews and acclaim.

Innovative Technology

This coat makes use of several new and exciting features in the world of motorcycle jackets. The FreeAir mesh shell delivers unparalleled cooling on even the hottest summer days. The model includes a quick release and removable waterproof liner for extreme comfort on the rainiest of days.

It also features the new 6-point SureFit custom adjustment system, a removable Dual Density spine pad with pocket for C.E. spine armor that is optional. Lined with two outside pockets, one inside pocket, and belt loops for pant attachment, this coat features all possible amenities.

side angle coat

"You’ll find a soft Microfiber trim makes up the mandarin-style collar, giving the jacket a touch of both style and comfort."

back coat

Compelling Design and Fit

The straightforward elegant design of the Joe Rocket jacket is stylistically simple, but at the same time eye catching. Offered in a variety of colors, such as black, grey, and even a vivid red, there’s sure to be a design appropriate for any cyclist. Thanks to our 6-point SureFit adjustment design, every body type is a guaranteed perfect fit. Whether you require an X-large with shortened sleeves, or a small with no adjustments made at all, this jacket should fit snugly, comfortably, and with no danger of distraction during long or difficult drives.

The design and fit of the jacket are strategically created specifically to make the rider comfortable while riding their motorcycle, and keeps the typical riding position in mind during the design process.

For more information on Joe Rocket the brand visit this page.

joe rocket mesh coat

Our Final Verdict

All things considered, the Joe Rocket Velocity mesh coat is a prime example of one-of-a-kind technology etched perfectly throughout a flawless modern design. It allows for you to stay cool with the airing system in the warm months, and keeps your body heat conserved to itself in the cold. In the unfortunate event of an accident, this jacket is ample security to avoid most road rashes, scrapes, and burns.

Overall, in this review, we are really happy with the performance of this model. If you’re in the market for a new mesh motorcycle coat, and hope to save a bit of cash while you get one, consider giving this one a closer look. You might find it’s the perfect fit and make for most any type of traveling.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • FreeAir Mesh shell which delivers remarkable cooling
  • 6-point SureFit technology included for a flawless custom fit
  • Quick release, removable waterproof liner
  • Contoured armor at the elbows and shoulders

The Bad

  • We found it a little shorter than others
  • Padding tends to move around in pockets

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