Joe Rocket UFO 2.0 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review 

Cozy and comfortable with great armor and protection 

Joe Rocket UFO 2.0 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Joe Rocket UFO 2.0 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Joe Rocket Men’s UFO 2.0 

Product Type:

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


This Joe Rocket mesh jacket is amazing! Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced rider, wearers of this jacket are sure to be positively surprised and happy with their purchase. Overall it is a really great value for money and is a nice addition to any rider’s wardrobe. Check out some more detailed insights and critiques below.

Well Fitting  Mesh Motorcycle Jacket 

This jacket is a really great fit. It’s not necessary to worry about all of your particular measurements before purchasing so long as you know your general size for jackets and clothing. Overall, this mesh coat features a really nice and fit, straight from the packaging. The padding and liner definitely covers and creates a nice protective shell around the rider.

This coat is perfect for riders in hotter areas. The ventilation it offers works great and feels natural as you breeze down the highways!

black coat

This coat also is ideal for cooler winter days with the liner in place to keep the rider warm. Staying cool in the hot sun, while staying safe and protected, is definitely a concern of many motorcyclists, but should no longer be much of a concern with this jacket.

High Quality Material

The quality of this Joe Rocket jacket is incredible, made of high quality material that you can tell is built to last. This model was truly designed with the customer in mind and really is made using the ideal materials to fulfill its purpose of protecting the rider while on the road, and keeping them comfortable without limiting their mobility.

The pockets and the snaps are well made and are useful if need be for a rider. The padding that comes with the jacket is nice and protective, and it has the option to be switched out if desired. This coat is designed in such a way that it makes any rider feel safe and secure with it on.

Size chart

Stylish and Cool 

This model definitely gets some style points. The black color it comes in looks very nice on most wearers, offers stylish accents, and will make any rider feel they’re wearing a jacket that fits that ‘bad boy’ persona.

Overall, this coat is really nice and looks great. The style offers a very classic and clean look the owner will enjoy. Riders of any age could really rock this and feel good in it. Some additional reflective tape might be required for optimal safety, however, as the strip on it isn’t the most reflective or noticeable.


Our Final Verdict

Overall, the Joe Rocket UFO 2.0 mesh motorcycle jacket is really nice and offers tremendous value. It offers all of the essentials one needs from a motorcycle coat, including adequate padding to help make the wearer feel safer. This wonderful jacket does all this, while also keeping the rider looking nice and stylish.

Even better, the coat is sure to stand the test of time, even for frequent users who spend a lot of time on their motorcycles. Definitely a worthwhile option to consider for those in the market for a stylish new riding jacket.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Padding leaves rider well-protected
  • Stylish design
  • Built to stand the test of time

The Bad

  • Does not come with C.E. approved spine protector, although it is compatible

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