Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Amazing ventilation and airflow. The #1 summer jacket for under $200

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket?

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Phoenix 5 by Joe Rocket

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Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


Don’t worry about ‘winter is coming’ now is the time for ‘summer is coming’. If you don’t prepare and plan on ‘gearing down’ during the heat, you’re going to find yourself in full set leather and dripping with sweat while sitting on a big mechanical heater between your legs. Sounds like fun right?

Whether your commuting, sport riding, touring or just sitting on your bike all day looking the shit, you're probably going to need the all-time air flow champ of mesh jackets to keep you cool. Let me introduce to you, the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0.

I’m very familiar with the original line of Joe Rocket Phoenix motorbike jackets. They came in the not so flattering gray color scheme, making me feel like a medieval knight on my weekend cruises. It was the perfect jacket for hot weather riding and proved to absorb some initial damage from a crash. Lacking in style it made up for functionally.

Ten years later, this once newcomer to the protective coat market has impressed me again with its latest edition of the Phoenix series. Still championing well-armored protection, the mesh jacket is slightly sexier.

I’ve been excited to share my experience of this old time favorite, so I went about testing the new design for some key criteria. I heard it was known to flow huge amounts of air keeping you cool in high temperatures while providing adequate protection at really good value. I decided to review its well-known airflow ventilation, detail to protection and overall design and fit while riding.

Safety & Protection Features

Being a mesh coat, we can’t be expecting some major protective features in this coat. This thing just screams ‘Maximum Airflow!’ and more protection only means less ventilation. It’s never going as protective as a full-on textile or leather, but keep in mind your trading protection for airflow.

In spite of this, the Phoenix 5.0 comes with a solid foundation of padding that keeps you safe during the odd pavement slide here and there. The removable spine pad is placed correctly and the contouring shape had it feeling comfortable on my back.

Side back coat

Abrasion resistant poly panels reinforce key impact points building a strong foundation for protection. The shoulder and elbow protectors are all CE-rated and feel better than the ones you would get in cheaper jackets. You will also notice that the material used on the elbow and shoulders is a solid textile. I’ve never come off for a low slide with this coat, however it looks like the coat will provide a good amount of slide instead of catching when you fall.

In general, I’m really happy with the level of padding that comes with the coat. It has serious protection for a coat built to deal with the heat and takes away major points for having a substantial spine pad within a sub $200 mesh jacket. Compared to competitors the Phoenix 5.0 design has improved ventilation while providing effective armor inserts. Any more protection, you boil in the heat, anything less and you risk some major road rash.

The spine pad is what does it for me in the end. They could have easily thrown in a thinner less shapely pad, but opted for a more functional piece of armor. As always, remember to dress for the crash, not for the style.

Design and Fit

The aesthetic design of the Joe Phoenix 5.0 is minimalist. It took me some time but now I’m loving the simple and classic look of the Phoenix. This coat had me receiving several compliments during my testing of the blue, black and green, black jackets. But to be honest, if I could choose again, I’d swap out the green, black with the all-black edition Joe Rocket makes.

What I noticed was the coat is form fitting and comes with a high grade cut. Zippers on the sleeves stay closed when fully zipped and the cuffs offer Velcro to improve fitting and comfort while riding. I found the fit to be comfortable as the bike coat came with an adjustable elastic waistband and highly adjustable sleeves. The snap sleeve take-ups stop that annoying flapping you get from extra fabric and it keeps the armor snugged tightly in place.

Did I mention the pockets? There are a lot of them. So many pockets can be found, both inside and outside of the coat. They have cleverly designed dedicated pitches for your keys, sunglasses or money and license.

For all the tall men who need a mesh jacket, the Phoenix is for you. Coming in sizes up to 5XL and in tall sizes, which gives you a little more waist and room in the arms with the length.


Superior Airflow 

This jacket will flow air! As much air as you can handle. I’ve been through a few mesh jackets and I would say that the Phoenix 5.0 could flow more air than most mesh jackets out there.

The High flow mesh outer uses an open-cell weave design allowing the incoming breeze to stream through. Just remember to keep the liner in there during cooler days around 70 degrees. When I’m cruising around in those temperatures, I feel like I’m wearing next to nothing except while knowing that the protective armor is hugging my upper torso.

While cruising with this coat on hot days I never felt over and when the temperatures would drop in the evening or early morning, I’d just slip the liner in and it really helped to insulate my body heat.

I might sound a bit crazy but sometimes what I do on scorching days is wet my t-shirt underneath before riding. Put the mesh coat on without the inner lining and bam! Once I get moving it acts like a natural air conditioner. Pure genius.

3 styles

Our Final Verdict

This jacket it is really effective for those long hot trips and Joe Rocket has made noticeable modifications to the overall design and color of the Phoenix line. With stiff competition in the mesh coat arena, Joe Rocket Phoenix jackets have managed to stay ahead of the pack. Keeping safety a priority and maintaining their dominance as air flow masters of the mesh world; the Phoenix 5.0 is far from a huge investment for a sub $200 summer jacket.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Amazing airflow and ventilation system
  • Suits any budget
  • Big range of sizes
  • Good amount of padding

The Bad

  • Not waterproof

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