The Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket to Stay Cool and Protected in the Summer Heat

Have you ever tried to wear a leather jacket in the middle of summer? The idea of dripping sweat as you dismount is pretty gross. And of course, riding without gear because of the heat is ridiculously unsafe. Well, if your looking to buy a mens' mesh motorcycle jacket, you have came to the right place.

While safety is a huge priority, let's be honest, it kind of kills your cool factor if you look like drowned cat when peeling off a sweaty coat. Let’s face it, we’ve all be tempted to ride gearless when the weather has been scorching hot! You’ve thought about it, I’ve done it. Definitely don’t recommend it. Not worth it dude.

You don’t have to risk your safety to ride in comfort. Mesh motorcycle coats have many of the same safety features as leather and textile jackets have, but have way better airflow. The fact is, that this material is the coolest and most ventilated type of motorcycle coat for warm-weather riders.

To top it off, the mens' mesh biker jackets look pretty cool. Thanks to a slimmer fit and lighter material, you get some serious swagger at a FRACTION of the cost.

Since mesh jackets are so popular with riders in hot climates, there are tons of options to choose from, and it can be tough to find the best coat for you. We’ve tested dozens of these coats and found the best-performing brands with the ultimate cool-factor for the best price. Here’s our pick of the reviews for the top best mesh motorcycle jackets for men.

5 Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Review

#1 - Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0

Our number one pick is the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0. This baby not only keeps you cool through its breathable design, but also gives you the protection you expect from a high quality mesh jacket.

The FreeAir Poly/mesh shell is reinforced at the shoulders, elbows and ribs to give you added abrasion resistance. It also comes with CE-approved armor for your shoulders and elbows to keep you safe in a fall. We really liked the removable spine pad, which has an optional pocket to install your own CE-approved spine protector if you need the extra protection.

Seriously, the good stuff just keep coming! Not only is there additional high-density padding at the ribs, kidneys and lower back to minimize impact damage, but the padding is even sculpted to be comfortably form-fitting without impacting mobility. A removable waterproof liner keeps you dry, and there’s snap loops and zippers attach which pants if you want to turn this into a full-blown suit. To top it off, this mesh coat offers loads of pockets for all the important stuff you need while out on a ride.

This bad boy has it all. Several riders with this coat have said they dumped their bikes at speeds of up to 45 mph and walked away without a scratch! Now if that isn’t a raving mesh motorcycle jacket review I don’t know what is!

If you are looking for a great breathable hot weather summer jacket which offers the best in safety and functionality - this Joe Rocket Phoenix 5 takes the cake.

#2 - Viking Cycle Warlock

Viking Cycle warlock

The Viking Cycle Warlock mesh riding jacket a thing of beauty. This coat offers everything you’d expect from a high quality vented mesh jacket , and is built with airflow in mind.

Our favorite part? It has pockets for everything. There’s even a built-in headphone system so you can use your earbuds without getting them in a tangled mess. To top it off they have a “secret” pocket for your most valuable possessions.

With CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders, padding for the chest and back, and night-time reflective strips - this bad boy’s got you covered in case of serious spills. Could this be the best mesh motorcycle jacket yet?

Stay cool, stay visible, stay safe. This one’s a no-brainer.

#3 - Xelement CF-511

Xelement CF-511

This super-light coat gives you some seriously incredible ventilation, and you certainly can’t beat the price. Riders love this coat because it’s lightweight, cheap and comfortable. This is the perfect coat for a lazy ride around town on a sunny afternoon. This is a classic mesh armored motorcycle jacket.

If you are looking for the best mens' mesh motorcycle jacket which will keep you cool in the summer heat, you can’t beat this Xelement CF-511. 

You can read our full Xelement summer motorcycle jacket review here.

#4 - Pilot Motosport Men's Slate Air

Viking Cycle Warlock

Constructed of 210D Micro Mesh to give you the ultimate in breathability, this Pilot jacket offers huge value for money. Plus, the 600 Denier NPF panels at the shoulders and elbows offer protection where you need it most.

This is an extremely well-built vented coat with high-quality material, and top-notch protection.Imagine cruising around at 45mph in 80- degree weather - this puppy will keep you cool, which is exactly what you want on those hot summer rides. If your looking for a branded motorcycle mesh jacket, then this could be the product for you.

A number of riders on facebook groups state this the best summer motorcycle jacket available today that keeps you safe,

#5 - Xelement Level 3 Advanced Padded

Xelement 3

Simple. Safe. Comfortable. This coat has a sleek, understated look and also keeps you cool in hot temps, and warm when it’s chilly. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of flash and features, it does give you great value for money.

Our only improvement would be to add some more pocket-space, as we’re always looking to store more gear while on a ride. A lot of riders found this coat heavier than most other mesh riding jackets, especially with the included liner, but said they appreciated the high-quality material. I would probably say this is the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.

If you want an affordable coat which covers all the basics and will help you brave the weather, then check out this sleek bad boy right here.

The Most Important Things To Know Before Choosing Your Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Consider The Weather

The key difference between a mesh jacket vs a textile jacket is the weave. the mens' mesh coat is designed to allow maximum cooling to the rider by using thicker fibers and a more open weave.

Before choosing a mesh motorcycle coat, you first need to know if you’re better off with a summer-only coat or an option which has the added flexibility of removable liners. Most mesh coats don’t come with liners since they are designed with maximum airflow in mind. However, the more expensive higher-quality units sometimes come with a waterproof layer for when things start to get wet.

Mesh jackets typically have less abrasion-resistance to leather or textile jackets. Although, they do make up for it with extra features such as impact padding and Armor inserts. This makes them lightweight and practical, without sacrificing mobility.

These mesh jackets allow so much air through the material; the temperature can drop below 17C or 65F. Due to this, the rider can experience a little bit of wind chill which can be uncomfortable during autumn weather.

One of the downsides is if you get caught out in the rain or if there is heavy humidity, the moisture will flow through the coat, and it will make the rider have a cold and wet ride. Every rider hates that. At night time when it’s cold, you should consider using an extra layer below the jacket.

Novice riders find it hard to believe that a bike coat can be almost too cool but it does happen. The reality is that the mesh jacket was not designed to be an all-season coat. It is waterproof, but this style of jacket has its limits

Get The Right Fit

A great mesh motorcycle jacket should fit snugly while still allowing you to move freely. While some people prefer a looser fitting coat so they can wear multiple layers underneath, a coat which moves around too much is less effective in the event of an accident. Imagine sliding down the road only to have your coat slip up and over your head, exposing all the precious skin you were trying to protect. OUCH!

If you're looking for the best mesh jacket for hot weather then this material is much lighter than leather due to a more open nylon weave, which allows for considerable airflow. This is why this material is the number one choice in hot climates.

While most mesh jackets don’t come with liners, if they do, you need to be aware that removing the liners will alter the fit of the coat. It may be snug with all the liners in place, but without them, your bike coat could feel like a parachute.

Another thing to consider is sizing variations. While most good-quality jacket manufactures are consistent in their sizing’s, you may notice a difference between brands. A medium from American men might be the European men equivalent to a large. Always check sizing charts to ensure you get the best fit. We have reviewed the best motorcycle mesh jackets on the market above and we hope you make the best choice suited to your needs.

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