Milwaukee Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Completely waterproof & well-ventilated design

Milwaukee Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Milwaukee Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Milwaukee Classic 

Product Type:

Leather Motorcycle Jacket


There is no short supply of mens leather motorcycle jackets for sale in today’s marketplace. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some even attempt to integrate the newest technologies into their jackets. Some are lined with neon colored lining, others allow for adjustable foam armor, and others still allow for you to be given fresh, cool air throughout the hottest summer days, yet designed to conserve your body heat in the colder months, as well.

Many people who avidly ride motorcycles prefer the simpler things in life, though. They aren’t interested in jackets that are bright red, green, blue or even grey. They just want a reliable, leather, black biker jacket that brings them back to a simpler time with its aesthetic. For those riders who prefer a jacket like this one, there is thankfully Milwaukee’s leather men’s classic side lace police style motorcycle jacket.


This bike jacket was made not only to look fantastic, but to be sure to keep you comfortable in whatever type of environment you plan to be riding in, too. Enjoy the feeling of the sun’s heat magnified across your back in such a way that you can drive for hours without any break at all. Or, in the warm months, leave it on and its specially designed light layer will continue to allow the perfect circulation of air throughout your body- perfect for long hot drives.

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The single most standout feature of this Milwaukee jacket is probably its gorgeous design. Called the classic side lace police style jacket, it really does invoke the feeling of an old police uniform you see in cinema. This throwback look has two lower zippered pockets, side lace detailing with half belt for an easy adjustment, and it’s made from premium milled cowhide (full sleeve zip out and a thermal liner). Although the color may be less noticeable than other motorcycle jackets, you’ll be sure to capture the eye of many passers-by wearing this classic, vintage design.

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Our Final Verdict

While there are some who prefer jackets that draw some attention when they are worn, there is still a large group of people who would prefer to let their bike or their riding do the talking for them. If you’re a part of the group that doesn’t want a multi-colored or foam jacket, consider checking out the Milwaukee Leather men’s classic sided lace police style leather motorcycle jacket.

With an absolutely beautiful aesthetic sticking to only the most elegant of design choices, this jacket truly lives up to its name as a “classic.” If you don’t feel like spending several hundred pounds on one of the newest types of models, this might just be one of the cheap leather biker jackets for men you’ve been looking for. We can't speak highly enough of this jacket in this review. Order today and start enjoying this sleek, golden-age looking jacket every time you ride.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Available in a variety of sizes (X-small to triple X)
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Cost efficient

The Bad

  • Sizes are a little small
  • No special reflectors or coloured lining
  • Limited colour available
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