Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Flawless design and superior comfort

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Joe Rocket Classic '92 Motorcycle Jacket?

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Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Jacket

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket


If you ask me, everybody should feel like Wyatt from ‘Easy Rider’ at least once in their lifetime and The Joe Rocket Classic ’92 leather jacket is a good place to start when looking for a fine vintage motorcycle jacket with a modern twist. It combines the classic rocker style look and feel from the 1950's with all of the advances in quality, comfort and safety that come from the latest motorcycle clothing manufacturing techniques

For decades one of the most common debates among motorcyclists still remains…. leather or textile when choosing the best motorcycle jacket? In days past, the crash safety of leather was seen as its trump card with riders prepared to endure its overheating in summer whilst textile-attired bikers enjoyed its better breathability and comfort whilst worrying slightly what would happen if they were to slide down the blacktop after a get off. There was certainly a point in time where the scale was shifting more towards those who argued leather, however with the surge in technological advances the playing field has really levelled out and this debate has only gotten harder. We have carried out a full in-depth review of the classic 92' detailing every feature of the jacket.

A Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Black Coat

For the last few years, the Joe Rocket jackets has been known for creating a mixture of style pieces, fusing together nuances of sophisticated Moto-Tech to compliment features added for comfort and style, and they haven’t disappointed us with their releases of the Joe Rocket Classic ’92 leather jacket.

This classic leather coat may not be as high tech as other models but it’s sophisticated design and intricate stitching makes a bold statement. Its styling is all about clean lines and timeless simplicity, offering a look which can be comfortably worn off the bike as a fashionable modern-but-classic leather biker jacket in its own right.

What impresses me most is the soft leather exterior and amazing quilted lining makes this one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever owned. Even though this particular Joe Rocket coat does not come with built in armour, I don’t really think the purpose of this jacket is a racing jacket, and I think it gives enough protection for everyday street riding. On the upside, it does come with built-in compartments for you to use your own preferred body armour be it flexible or hardshell so you have the space to install this additional safety should you desire without spoiling the overall look of the jacket.

The Classic 92 jacket is made of 1.2mm drum dyed cowhide leather, which means it is extremely soft and supple and makes you feel light as air. For those of you who don’t know the lingo, drum dyed leather simply means it is scratch resistant which makes this jacket such a great buy because nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something that looks scratched and worn.

Another great feature is the removable quilted liner strategically placed inside the coat, which allows you to stretch the jacket into the fall and early winter seasons. However the thermal liner is also backed by a panel of mesh, giving it a lot of versatility to wear in the spring and summer also. The balance of leather outside the coat really compliments the textile interior allowing you to wear it almost all year round.

Comfortable Fit and Stylish

The Joe Rocket Classic 92' jacket structure is an American cut which means it’s very generous in size. I personally would recommend that people take their own measurements first then check out the Joe Rocket size guide so you get the right fit for your body shape. Some say to go a size down when buying the Joe Rocket Classic jacket however I bought my exact size (size L) and it was pretty much a perfect fit. What’s also great is that it comes in a huge range of sizes (small – 3XL) so it really caters to everyone.

What I love most about the Joe Rocket Classic 92’ jacket is its retro vintage design. When I wear it I have to say, there’s a little part of me that feels kind of badass, and I’m not going to lie, I LIKE IT! My point is, I really like its classic style, and the use of clean lines that stretch along the chest all the way around to back, topped off with some cool quilted stitching detail across the shoulders makes me feel sharp and sophisticated.

Check out this YouTube video so you can get a good visual image of what I’m talking about.

Behind Shot

Some Optional Extras

The most important thing you have to understand before deciding to purchase the Joe Rocket Classic ’92 jacket is that it does not come constructed with any armour.

It does have integrated armour pockets in the shoulders, elbows and back however you have to buy the inserts extra which is a major downside. The cowhide leather they use isn’t quite as thick as standard leather racing jackets either. 

This jacket is great for riding in the warmer months. Not only does it make you look cool but it has a good amount of airflow and let's you feel the wind as you fly down the highway. We found it very comfortable even when riding on super hot days. I don’t think the Joe Rocket coat is one I will be using much in colder weather or when needing to ride in the rain. Keeping the leather protected is obviously a priority, but the level of warmth isn't as high as what can be found in other types of motorcycle coats. However, the Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets overall are still one of the best in the market. There is a ton of positive reviews out there agreeing with me. This is still top of the list for me.

"I think in the case of the Classic ’92 jacket they decided to optimize style over fashion, which can be considered dangerous to the eye of the beholder."

summer motorcycle coat

Features That Make It A Great Choice For Summer Riding Conditions

  • Top stitched 1.2mm drum dyed cowhide leather
  • Specifically tailored for a relaxed fit
  • Pockets for optional armour at the shoulders, elbows & back
  • 2 inside utility pockets
  • 4 outside pockets
  • Adjustable neoprene-lined mandarin collar
  • Adjustable waist and cuffs to fit
  • Zip-in quilted full sleeve liner
  • 1.5" Storm flap at main zipper
  • YKK zippers through-out
  • External zippered key pocket

Our Final Verdict

So what are my thoughts on the Joe Rocket Classic ’92 leather jacket? I’m a fan! I love the simple classic style of this vintage leather jacket. This Joe Rocket coat is very light in weight, and its sheer leather skin makes it a great coat for the spring and summer seasons.

What impresses me most is the soft leather exterior and amazing quilted lining makes this one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever owned. Even though this particular Joe Rocket coat does not come with built in armour, I don’t really think the purpose of this jacket is a racing jacket, and I think it gives enough protection for everyday street riding.

Overall I really do think a decent leather motorcycle coat is a ride of passage for every rider and you should at least own one in your lifetime. The Joe Rocket Classic ‘92 for men comes in black and white only.

Product Image

Our Rating


The Good

  • Really impressive style
  • Great airflow and ventilation
  • Hands down one of the best quality jacket on the market.

The Bad

  • Not ideal for cold or wet conditions. 
  • Armor inserts are extra 
  • Higher level of maintenance needed to keep soft

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