IDARBI Bomber Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Good quality, cheap motorcycle jacket that looks great and keeps you stay safe on the roads ...

IDARBI Bomber Leather Motorcycle Jacket

What's the IDARBI Bomber Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

IDARBI Bomber Jacket

Product Type:

Leather Look Motorcycle Jacket


In today’s marketplace, there is a huge variety of motorcycle jackets to choose from when trying to find one that suits you. Many attempt to integrate the newest and most impressive technologies- neon colored lining, breathable fabric, adjustable armor and sleeves, and everything else you could think of.

Many come in a variety of colors, as well. Blue, red, green, grey, black with white outlines, jackets come in all of these designs. For many a purist, however, it’s impossible to beat a sleek, classic, leather look. IDARBI men’s Rider Bomber jacket feels this need perfectly. Not only does it reject the “advancements” that have infected most upgraded examples of technology, but it has allowed its price tag to reflect that.

A Great Alternative To Leather Jackets

This slim fitting jacket will deliver exactly what an old-fashioned motorist desires in their apparel. Although it appears to be straight from the 1950s or 60s, its modern yet nostalgic design is sure to keep you cool in the warmer months and warm enough in the winter. Sporting a slim fit without being restrictive, and loose enough to wear comfortably.

IDARBI’s Rider Bomber coat not only gives you the look of an old-fashioned cyclist, it helps you to capture the very essence of the feeling, as well. Whether you’re a veteran of the road, or riding your new bike for the very first time, this jacket can help you to feel like a more complete and competent rider.

front coat

Classic Design 

Although the black, leather-looking jacket is a design that has been done to death, it has finally been executed flawlessly after many years. 

black coat behind

Made in the US, this handsome lined coat features a stand collar, full front zipper closure, snap-button shoulder epaulets, and one inner pocket. The measurements are all readily available online so that you can see exactly what type of size you’ll need before you order it. Remember, this jacket is designed to be slim fitting, so if you prefer your clothing to have a little extra room, you might want to consider ordering a size larger than expected.

motorcycle coat leather

Our Final Verdict

Some people might be fans of jackets of the flashy variety, but not everyone. Some people might enjoy looking into the different types of foam that are used as protective guards in the new wave of motorcycle gear you can find online. But instead of putting forth several hundred pounds for a coat that appear akin to some type of toy, you might consider making an investment. 

IDARBI’s men leather look motorcycle Rider Bomber jacket is your opportunity to try out a piece of apparel that simply doesn’t age with time. This classic looking jacket is complimentary to any motorist’s ensemble, and sure to deliver just the aesthetic you desire while traveling the open road.

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front side coat

Our Rating


The Good

  • Classic motorcyclist look
  • Comes in variety of sizes
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

The Bad

  • Size is a little smaller than expected
  • Faux leather
  • Not much insulation in colder months
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