Buffalo Leather's Biker Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

One of the best quality jackets you'll find for under $200

Buffalo Leather's Biker Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Buffalo Leather Biker Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Vented Jacket with Braid Trim

Product Type:

Leather Motorcycle Jacket


A great motorcycle jacket for someone looking for an all-encompassing model that will get the job done. Not overly complicated or elaborate, this simple buffalo model will do what it’s supposed to do, in style, and it will not fail users anytime soon. Made from a durable material, this model is built to last and look incredible for years to come, serving users for the long haul.

High Quality Leather


Motorcycle Jackets certainly are faced with a lot harsher of conditions than the typical jacket you might find in somebody’s closet. Faced with harsh winds, and often extreme cold or heat, keeping the user safe and protected while on their daily bike ride, this coat is made to withstand the conditions of a motorcycle. The mens buffalo biker jacket is built with quality materials you can rely on, this is a coat that users don’t need to fret over sustaining rips or tears while on the road.

Made of buffalo leather and featuring antique brass hardware, Allstate Leather, the makers of this incredible model, were not interested in limiting the quality of their leather motorcycle jacket. Designed to maximise comfort and last long term, this is a great and unique model that any motorcyclist would love.

 Comfortable & Stylish


Not only is this black buffalo leather motorcycle mens jacket made out of the finest and most unique materials, but it is also incredibly comfortable and stylish. This allows the motorcyclist wearing it to most easily get into his element while on the road, feeling the ultimate level of comfort. Not only that, but he will also look great while wearing it. The black colour, with its braid trim and zip out liner, truly provides a fit and style that is unparalleled by many others on the market.

The zip out liner really helps to keep things cool on warmer days when you are zipping down the highway under the hot sun. Another great feature to keep things cooler is the removable liner, which keeps users warm in the winter but taking it out will allow for cooler summer days. Additionally, the many pockets this model is fitted with allowing the wearer plenty of room to carry any trinkets they might want to keep with them during their ride, such as sunglasses or a cell phone.

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Our Final Verdict

This is the ideal jacket for someone in search of a simple, basic model that does all of the essential things one is looking for in a jacket. While it may not come with some of the more high tech additions other jackets are fitted with, such as waterproofing or protective armour, this men's black motorcycle jacket definitely has enough features to get riders through feeling comfortable and looking stylish. Users rave about the simplicity and functionality of the design, as well as the durability of the material. It’s definitely a worthwhile model to consider for anyone in the market for a motorcycle jacket.

Black coat

Our Rating


The Good

  • Durable material
  • Removable liner
  • Buffalo Liner
  • Incredible Look

The Bad

  • Not waterproof
  • Lacks armour
  • Sizes run small


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