What's the Best Motorcycle Leather Jacket?
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If you’ve been riding for any length of time, you know that taking off on the open road with the wind blasting your face feels like complete freedom. You ride fast - You ride hard - and when you’re on the bike, nothing can stop you. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, and wearing a high-quality motorbike leather jacket is critical to staying safe, so you can continue hitting the road for years to come.

While safety is a huge priority, let’s be honest, you want your motorbike coat to have that badass cool-factor as well. Slipping on a leather motorbike jacket is the fastest road to Fonzie-level cool that we know.

James Dean, Marlon Brando, McQueen, Beckham, Clooney - these iconic riders with unmatched style chose leather for its confidence and attitude. The performance that this classic material delivers is only shown up by the level of swagger you achieve while sauntering around town.

Since leather’s such a popular material, there are a LOT of leather riding jackets to choose and buy from, and it can feel overwhelming trying to find the best coat for you. Don’t panic - we’ve got your back. We’ve tested dozens of leather coats and found the best-performing brands with the ultimate cool-factor. Here’s the top 5 best leather motorcycle riding jackets on the market today.

5 Best Motorbike Leather Jackets Review




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Joe Rocket
Classic 92'

Joe Rocket


Police Style



The Leather

Leather Factory


All State
Buffalo Jacket

All State


iDarbi for Men

leather motorcycle coat

#1 - Joe Rocket Classic '92

Joe Rocket Classic 92

Our top pick review wins hands-down with it’s top-stitched cowhide, which is specifically tailored for a relaxed fit. We also love the pockets to add removable armor in multiple-locations, which not only offer flexibility, but gives you options so you can choose your level of protection dependent on your ride. Joe Rocket has a pile of jackets on sale but this one really has everything.

The Joe Rocket Leather vintage classic comes with TONS of external and internal pockets for extra storage space, and is completely adjustable. Zip-in quilted liner. Mandarin collar, waist, cuffs -- all of these are completely customizable so you can craft this leather jacket for your perfect cruise. Not to mention that this retro coat comes in black or white, so you can choose between the little angel or demon your shoulder.

We’ve had several riders tell us that this is the best jacket they’ve ever had. The quality is out of this world - you’ll feel just like McQueen tearing down the highway with this badass fit. Even if you go with another coat, we HIGHLY recommend you get at least one of these for your collection. This is also a favorite with the ladies. 

It’s the perfect combination of comfort, protection and kickass cool factor. Could this be the best leather motorcycle jacket? If your looking for the best place to buy, then click the button below.

#2 - Milwaukee Leather Police Style

Milwaukee Police Style

Looking for a throw-back look to the biker days of old? This classic look embodies the epitome of biker badass. The thick thermal liner will keep you toasty-warm in the winter, or unzip and remove the liner during warmer temps.

The great thing about this Milwaukee Leather motorcycle jacket is the customized fit since the side-lace adjusts easily to fit your individual shape. Extra pockets make this ideal for riders who need more storage space, although some riders said the chest pockets were a bit shallow.

You won’t find a motorbike jacket with a more classic look than this police-style coat. Ride easy knowing you're prepared for any terrain or weather that comes your way. This leather jacket comes in many colours such as black and brown.

#3 - The Leather Factory Lambskin


If you’re going for the whole bad-boy look, but still want a super comfy fit - this is the motorcycle jacket for you. The Leather Factory coat is made from genuine lambskin leather, the high-quality material is a great combination of durability and softness. You’ll project that sauntering, dangerous vibe - complete with rebel-approved snap throat collar and structured fit. This is a classic mens' black leather bikers jacket.

While the look is sleek, you still have plenty of storage space thanks to 4 zippered front pockets, and two inside pockets. While not the best option for super-hot climates, this bad boy will keep you warm as you dismount for a night on the town in chilly temps thanks to the polyester liner inside. This is the ultimate leather biker jacket look. 

#4 - Allstate Leather Men's Buffalo (Vented)

Allstate Buffalo

Riders love this Buffalo motorbike jacket because it’s vented for maximum comfort. Plus, the funky “pistol pocket” on the front adds a cool touch.

Removable mesh liner and vented armpits make this jacket super cool on sweaty days. Perfect for those sunny rides on hot summer afternoons. The classic “bomber” look will make you feel super slick - complete with braided trim and snap-buttons to secure the extra neck flaps.

This jacket has been known to run a bit small, so order a size bigger to make sure you get your perfect fit.

#5 - iDarbi Men's Leather Look


This trendy motorbike jacket isn’t the most protective option, but you’ll definitely look cool walking the streets after you get out of the saddle. Riders report that this coat does a great job blocking the wind and is a sharp option for casual rides in warm weather.

The Faux Leather motorbike IDARBI Construction is designed in the USA for riders looking for a more modern look. Just make sure to order a size up from your normal measurements, as this jacket runs small. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to get that badass bikers look. This is one of the best mens' leather biker jacket on sale.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying

#1 Structure

Before choosing a leather biker motorcycle jacket, you first need to know if you’re better off with a stand-alone jacket, or a one-piece suit.

A one-piece suit fits like a second skin, which offers full-body protection without flapping around in heavy wind while you’re on the road. If you’re going to race your bike, or weave through traffic on the highway, then you’re probably better of with a one-piece suit.

A two-piece outfit is made up of a stand-alone motorbike jacket, and regular pants. This is the best option for riders who need more flexibility when they’re out of the saddle. For example, if you’re just out for a casual cruise on your way to dinner, then you can easily take off your coat and replace it with a suit-coat. In addition, jackets give you more storage space since they have more pockets than one-piece suits. Women's jackets tend to have more storage so your in luck. 

#2 Quality

There’s no point in wearing a motorcycle coat that won’t keep you safe. In order to make sure you’re properly protected, quality is key. Pay attention to seams, zippers and protectors when choosing your coat.

A good-quality jacket should always have very few seams, and they should be INSIDE the coat. This prevents abrasion if you have an accident. Additionally, the larger parts of the coat - such as the chest and back - should be a solid, single piece of material. If you see a jacket with different pieces sewn together, this is a sign that the coat could tear during a fall.

Check zippers to make sure they open and close easily without getting stuck. Any zippers should be covered with extra fabric for extra protection against moisture, as well as to prevent them from causing injury in a crash.

Pieces of padding, called protectors, are the most important piece of a good jacket. Quality protectors will be “CE Approved” - and have either a CE1 or CE2 approval seal on the tag. Make sure that any protective padding is elastic, and big enough to cover all your important areas if you were to fall or crash. Most importantly, high-quality protectors will never restrict your comfort or mobility.

#3 Comfort

The best motorcycle leather jacket should not only protect you in case of an accident, but should also be extremely comfortable so it’s easy to wear and doesn’t distract you on the road.

Mens' cheap leather motorcycle jackets are generally heavier than other materials, so it’s important to find a brand which feels comfortable for your level of strength and body weight. When trying it on, make sure you don’t feel weighed down. In addition, check that your jacket has a waterproof layer to keep moisture off your skin.

During warmer weather, these type of coats can get hot. Make sure you’re choosing a coat which is breathable and has a removable liner. Perforated jackets can help you feel cooler. Not only will this make you more comfortable in higher temperatures, but it also avoids damaging the strength of the material in high heat.

#4 Fit

Of course, everyone’s body is different, so it’s important to choose a coat which feels like the right fit for you. Leather motorcycle jackets are made specifically for both men and women, but sizes and fit will vary dramatically between manufacturers. 

Test the fit of the coat by alternating between sitting and standing positions - you should feel comfortable while doing both. Check your sleeves to make sure they’re long enough as well. When your arms are extended, the sleeves should come down to your wrists, but also cover your wrists when your arms are bent while riding. Make sure your sleeves have zippers so you can adjust the fit and ensure your wrists are covered during an accident.

Overall, your motorcycle jacket should make you feel both safe and comfortable. Try it on. Roll your shoulders. Bend up and down. As long as you feel good, and the critical protective features are there, you’ve found a solid jacket.

Here's Why Bike Riders Choose Leather Motorcycle Jackets Over Other Materials

Leather has been with us since the primitive times when more than 300,000 years ago human beings would use leather to create clothing for them and their family. With years passing by and new trends emerging in the ways we dress, motorbike leather jackets have always maintained its presence in one way or the other. With passing years, leather has changed from being a need to becoming a demand. With the rise in the range of real leather products, the emergence of leather trousers has been revolutionary. The popularity of leather jackets, especially mens' motorbike coats, has been brought by many renounced icons of the modern world.

There’s nothing quite like a high-quality leather motorcycle riding jacket. The material makes a bold statement about the wearer. A statement that says “I know who I am and no one can take that away.” Any scuff marks or signs of wear only add to the badass projection - the perfect balance of confidence and cool. All the while telling story of where you’ve been. Also, if you want to read more motorbike jacket reviews then click the link.

Then there’s the matter of protection. Choose between a thicker coat made from real goat leather or calfskin - or opt for a thinner coat by taking advantage of the incredible sturdiness of kangaroo leather. When it comes to keeping you safe in the saddle, leather hide protects from abrasion and harsh elements, while still offering comfort and flexibility to act like a second skin. This material is also easy to care for. Here’s the best way to clean and maintain a your motorcycle coat:

  • Treat it regularly with a solid leather conditioner to help protect the material and keep it waterproof. You’ll maintain its flexibility and natural toughness for years to come.
  • Undoubtedly you’ll need to clean it eventually. Use a gentle leather cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe away dust and dirt.
  • To dry - hang your jacket up to dry on a wide hanger away from any drying heat or direct sunlight.

Trust us, if Magnum Force 2 ever comes to life, Eastwood will be wearing leather as he tears around town taking down dirty cops single-handedly. Regardless of the style or brand you buy, rest assured that you’re joined by thousands of expert riders in your choice to ride with leather. Next time you tear down the pavement on your bike and take off on the open road, you can feel confident that you’re not only protected as you ride, but you will look cool while you are doing it! 

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