Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Well protected and stylish jacket

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What's the Joe Phoenix Ion Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Name:

Phoenix Ion by Joe Rocket

Product Type:

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


The Phoenix Ion fulfils its origin’s saga by being one of the best mesh jackets produced. They are lightweight and feels like heaven when on a long bike ride on a hot summer afternoon.

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Jacket is one of the latest releases from the long-running and ever-popular Joe Rocket Phoenix mesh jackets. Is there a difference in the standard Phoenix jacket and this version? Not much other than INNOLITE, a reflective coating on it and some extra features. The ads have been promoting that feature a lot so, I was disappointed when it didn’t meet up to the standards I was expecting it to. But, other than that and some extra features, it remains the same old Joe Rocket’s Phoenix jacket.

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Classic Look

When the Joe Rocket brand first released their Phoenix jacket, it became a raging hit. All the motorbike riders were impressed by the quality and feel of the Phoenix jackets and found it so very convenient during hot weather for it’s cool mesh. It was the next best thing after motorbikes - a cool and comfortable jacket that doesn’t make you look like a typical and clichéd bike rider.

Back in 2002, I purchased the original Phoenix jacket and had a memory of it being a little scratchy and ill-fitting but now it seems like the jacket series is progressing quite nicely and is an enormous upgrade over the original. Because I am somewhat big, I ordered an L (silver) though I was worried that maybe it wouldn't fit me. I am 5'11, 180 lb. With a 36-inch chest and a 34-inch waist. But it fit me quite nicely and snuggly with the all those extra liner paddings. 

Comfortable, Fit and Stylish

Back in 2002, when it was introduced, it was all about the proper air ventilation. The jacket did not have any liners options but now with time, when there’s unpredictability in the weather, these added options are a bonus. It is comfortable and fits like heaven. The jacket became more stylish by adding the three-position snap adjusters at biceps and forearm as well as a wide band of hook and loop at the hem to help make the waist area more tighter depending on the size. This time, it also comes with Dynax solid fabric stitched on the upper back, ribs, elbows, shoulder and forearms. The waterproof shell liner and detachable (zippers) thin insulated vest end up making it a fantastic product at the price range it is available.

The Ion jacket comes with a non-adjustable collar but, it is lined with a very soft micro-fleece that makes it quite comfortable on the neck area. It could have done with multiple options there but unfortunately, it is just a single non-adjustable snap. There is hand pockets (zippered) at bottom front and two-lined semi-waterproof pockets on the left side of the jacket. There’s one more hidden under a black strip of hook and loop at that hem area, which, by the way, is a good place to hide some money or other important items. There’s a small upside-down shaped pocket at the rear of the jacket if you are too adventurous. The main zipper is the only one with the brand logo of Joe Rocket but others are unbranded.

 Some Cool Features

  • Free Air Mesh on torso, back, and arms
  • Tailored for comfortable and insulated wear with a vest liner
  • Waterproof full sleeve liner
  • A spine pad that’s easily removable
  • Adjustable sleeves and waist
  • Smartphone audio pocket
  • DYNAX reinforced at the upper back, ribs, and forearms

Our Final Verdict

It is very comfortable and relaxing to wear this jacket. When you remove the extra lining, it becomes lighter and the air just goes right through. It’s good for all seasons - summer, rain or a slight April chill. This is another great jacket from Joe Rocket. Really good value for less than a night out on the town. 

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Armored shoulders that can be accessed easily
  • INNOLITE ultra reflective shoulders
  • Full Flex articulated back expansion
  • DYNAX reinforced at the upper back, ribs and forearms

The Bad

  • Sleeves lining on the inside are a little baggy

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