How do I measure myself for a motorcycle jacket?

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When it comes to the various motorcycle jacket styles, every style tends to fit slightly differently, some considerably more different than others. That is why it is ideal if coat sizes are related to the measurement of the wearer’s belly and chest. Therefore, for a person to be able to get the best fit with any particular motorbike coat, they will first need to figure out how they measure up. The most ideal way to be certain when choosing a size in motorcycle jackets is to take measurements in specific key areas. Therefore, the sizing advice provided below should definitely be kept in mind.

Sizing up the Belly & Chest

When taking measurements for a motorbike jacket, the same amount of clothes should be worn that will eventually be worn once the coat will be in use. For instance, someone who is mostly going to be wearing tee shirts under their motorcycle coat should take the measurements over the tee shirt. If it is winter or if the jacket will be worn during winter as well, then the measurements should be taken over heavier clothing. If someone will be wearing something like a back protector under the coat, they should put that on too before taking your sizes.

A regular cloth tape can be used to. When taking the measurements, it is better to ask someone’s help. The person being measured should stand loosely as they naturally would, while the person helping should wrap the tape under the arms, around the fullest part of the other’s chest, pulling it at the front. The reading should be taken without pulling the tape tight. The person should stand as normally as they can, i.e. without collapsing or puffing up their wearing black motorcycle jacket

The above steps should also be followed to take the sizes of the wearer’s belly as well. This time, the tape should be wrapped around the belly, right above the navel. Like before, the person should stand in a relaxed manner, without sticking out or sucking in their belly.

What To Do With Belly & Chest Measurements?

Most sellers of motorbike coats describe the fits of the various jacket sizes in terms of the belly and chest sizes. Primarily, though, it is the chest sizeof the wearer that helps them in choosing an ideal size. However, instead of chest sizes, some motorcycle jackets are also sold in “alpha sizes,” i.e. Large, Medium, Small, etc. Nonetheless, the right size can still be selected using the chest size since each alpha size has a certain maximum chest measurement. Essentially, a motorcycle coat with the smallest size that comfortably accommodates the wearer’s chest should be chosen.

At the same time, often it also becomes necessary to take the belly sizes in consideration as well. Motorcycle coats, like any other jacket, are cut to fit the average person. Usually, these jackets taper in size, i.e. they are wider in size around the chest and narrower around the belly. The amount of taper is also referred to as the “drop.” A bike coat should have an average drop of 4 inches between the chest and the belly, but this may vary. So, the ideal size should comfortably accommodate both the chest and the belly of the wearer. Therefore, someone with a larger belly would need a motorcycle jacket that has a lesser drop so that it is wider around the belly.

With all of the above in mind, choosing the right bike coat size should become easier. However, to be extra careful, measurements can also be taken of a coat that is already in use and consider those measurements when buying a motorcycle jacket.

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