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We are always looking for new products that hit the market. If you find something you might become the next best motorcycle jacket to hit the market and want us to check out to help you before making a purchase send over the details and we can take a look.

We are also a bunch of fairly regular people and never planned to make this a full time gig (and it’s still not) so talking about riding gear or just bikes in general is most welcomed as well. It’s connecting with people all over the world that makes riding so fun and makes things really easy for everyone who’s looking to looking to travel in their own country or overseas to embark on a road trip adventure.

The Motorcycle Jacket Review Process

Out of respect for our readers we only publish reviews of motorbike jackets that we have tried and tested ourselves. This helps to ensure that each review is at the same level of standard and is based completely on personal experience.

If you would like to submit a suggestion for us to review, that’s great, we love testing things. Especially different types of motorbike jackets. If you are a company looking to promote a new design you can connect with the team and we will chat about how we can arrange for some testing to be carried out.

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