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Fantastic jacket from a trusted brand

Alpinestars GP Pro

What's the Alpinestars GP Pro?

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Alpinestars GP Pro  

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Alpinestars newer products is a leather jacket geared towards motorcycle riders. The GP Pro is designed to protect the wearer’s skin from harmful contact with high winds, heat, flame, and the pavement. This jacket is also designed to look cool while it does its job. Made with 1.3mm thick full-grain leather, the GP Pro provides a thick layer of protection while also not subtracting from the aerodynamics needed to be effective. The GP Pro comes with exceptional features for attractiveness and safety while also providing the option for add-on padding and protection that increases its safety effectiveness.

Founded in 1963 in Asolo, Italy by Sante Mazzarolo the Alpinestars brand has grown from making boots to making gear that is now worn by athletes in several racing fields. In the past fifty years, Alpinestars has manufactured flame and heat retardant boots, jackets, gloves and suits that have been worn by professionals in Nascar, MotoGP, Formula One and the World Superbike Championships. With endorsements coming from many champion racers like Roger DeCoster, Kenny Roberts, Mick Doohan, and Marc Marques. Alpinestars has become a well know name in racing gear.

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High Quality Motorbike Jacket

This motorcycle jacket is made from 1.3mm full-grain leather and weighs 7 pounds before adding in any extra padding which we will discuss later. The dimensions are a standard 27.5x24.1x5.7 for a size 54 jacket which is the size used by the average man. However, the jacket is also made in sizes; 46,48,50,52,56,58,60,62, and 64 (Euro Sizes).

I must add though just in case you are the type of person who does not enjoy wearing labels that the jacket does have the Alpinestars brand logo stamped on the front no matter which color combination you purchase.

Fits Perfectly 

The GP Pro gets its safety and comfort super rating from the overall design of the jacket. The chest area is padded with PE padding as is the hip area and has external, dual-density padding for the shoulders and elbows which can be removed at the consumers’ discretion. There are poly-textile stretch panels in the chest, underarms, waist, as well as leather stretch inserts in the lumbar area so that range of motion is not interfered with. The high-density perforations, meaning tiny holes, in the chest, arms, and zippered torso make it breathable and easy to wear so that body heat doesn’t accumulate under the thick leather. This is also the reason behind the fact that the entire jacket is lined with mesh panelling.

The collar is made of 3D airprene mesh as are the sleeve cuffs to prevent any breathing constrictions and to improve comfort. The cuffs use zippered closures to fit any size wrist comfortably. The fasteners and zippers are made of a high-quality material to prevent breakage or snags. Adjustable Velcro straps are used at the waist to improve fit and security. Lastly, the jacket is slightly elongated in the back to improve coverage and protection of the sensitive lumbar area and coccyx. All of these standard features are reviewed as being necessary and useful for the wearer.

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Extra Features

On top of the many great features, there are also add-on accessories that can be purchased to improve the GP Pro’s effectiveness even further. Two such accessories are the Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protector, and the Level 2 CE-certified Alpinestars Bionic Back Protector. The Bionic protectors are made from a high-density material that protects the chest and spinal area from any damage that might occur during an accident. The jacket itself has built in snaps and hooks that can be used to attach these two accessories to the body of the jacket

Value for Money 

Motorcyclists are often injured not just by crashes but by basic occurrences such as the heat from a bike or rocks and other debris kicked up by cars. If this debris is strong enough to crack the windshield of another car than it more than strong enough to cut the flesh of a person. So, while the price may seem excessive to some, for those with experience riding motorcycles or bikes, they understand why they are paying so much for a product that is intended to protect them from harm.

 Some of the Cool Features

  • Alpinestars race-derived, external Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) protectors in the elbows and shoulders feature injection molded shells and dual density foam padding
  • Full circumference waist connection zipper allows you to attach to Alpinestars riding pants
  • 3D mesh sleeve comfort cuff edging for breathability; cuffs incorporate zip closures for secure and customizable fit.
  • Stretch fabric panels allow for added flexibility and movement

Our Final Verdict

While you could go with a less expensive product you may not be receiving the same level of protection that you would receive from this one. I will add that the additional bionic accessories are needed only by professional, competitive motorcyclist who often race on uneven ground with many pitfalls and rocks that could cause major injury. If you are a consumer who uses a motorcycle as a mode of transportation and nothing else then you probably do not need the additional protection provided by these items, but I will leave that up to you.

The one last thing I will add is not to wait until the last minute to order this jacket, if you order it from sites such as amazon, it does specify that this product takes 1 to 2 weeks to ship and another week or so to get to you depending on the mode of shipment and where you live. So, if you are planning a cross country motorcycle trip, or are entered in an upcoming race make sure you order with enough time to receive the product and correct any errors that might occur.

Overall, we think this one of the best motorbike jackets you can get your hands on. 

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Extended lower back profile
  • Reflective detailing for improved rider visibility.
  • Highly abrasion resistant main construction from premium
  • Snap connection system allows integration of Bionic Race Back Protector for the ultimate in protection
  • Soft 3D mesh and leather collar construction

The Bad

  • Leather is non perforated
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