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Alpinestars Celer Jacket

What's the Alpinestars Celer Jacket?

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Alpinestars Celer  

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket


The Celer Jacket is a sleek and stylish technical jacket. It is made using ultra-durable 1.3 millimetre leather throughout, as well as integrating a synthetic fibre known as Aramid, a close relative to Kevlar, which is more flexible and incredibly strong, to ensure a fit that is as comfortable and snug as it is durable.

Created in 1963, Alpinestars is a leader in the field of professional, high-performance racing gear. Understanding the importance of functionality under pressure and extreme situations and environments, Alpinestars created cutting edge technical gear and equipment for professional level contenders. What began as a boot, focusing on hikers and ski gear, evolved into the company that we know and trust today

Aplinestars History

The company’s creator, Sante Mazzarolo, began a dialogue with some of the nation’s most well know enduro riders. He listened to their needs and saw what was lacking in the technical gear field for motorbikes. With that in mind, he designed a boot specifically made for off road riding which he brought to the market in 1965. It was a very innovative piece of technical gear and included shin coverage made of steel for extreme riding as well as buckles rather than traditional laces.

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From then on, Mazzarolo’s company became known for their technical and very rugged designs and took a commanding hold in the high-performance racing gear niche. In recent years, Alpinestars has broken into the auto racing world as well, making them a true giant among the rest

Comfortable Fit

CE guaranteed armor in the shoulders and elbows is present in the jacket, as well as integrated shoulders and elbow sliders for added protection. The Celer motorbike jacket also come with extra padding in the chest on both sides, as well as the back. Though it isn’t certified, you can purchase a Bionic Back Protector which simply clips in at the neck. If you so desire, you can also add an additional Nucleon Armor inserts as well, which is also a part of the Alpinestars accessory line.

In terms of volume adjustment, a combination of leather and fabric straps secured by metal D rings to ensure a comfortable pleat in the stretch fabric when you tighten the fit. There is no uncomfortable bunching in any way. Another thoughtful design feature is the flexible mesh on the cuffs and neck liner. Sometimes, in hot weather, due to the constant rubbing of the garment against the skin, chafing can occur. Not so with this jacket. It is as comfortable as it is tough.

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Great Look

Taking your ride to the extreme and want to add pants to your outfit? No problem. Alpinestars makes a wide range of leather and synthetic combination high performance motorcycle pants, most notably the Missile leather pants, which attach easily to the Celer jacket with a zipper.

When not in use, the zipper hides neatly and inconspicuously inside the bottom seam of the jacket and won’t show at all when you are riding. So, there you have it, one continuous zipper. Easy on, easy off.

Extra Storage and Ventilation 

There is an ample amount of storage in the Celer jacket, with two side hand warmer style front pockets, as well as a water resistant interior pocket located on the chest. Need more storage? There are also two slip pockets located in the removable liner which, by the way is fully mesh and provides an extra layer of warmth in the colder months and temperatures. Though some wearers have reported that the pockets provide an ultra-snug fit when packed with items such as gloves, a wallet or a mobile phone, no one has complained at all. The fit ensures a safe and secure compartment for all of your valuable items while you ride.

What about ventilation? Well, the Alpinestars Celer Motorbike Jacket comes equipped with a perforated profile in the front of the jacket on the chest, enabling a high level of airflow at higher speeds. There is a vent on the back, also known as an air hump, which aids in the air flow. Included as well on the jacket are fully adjustable vents in the neck and collarbone which can be opened or closed at any time, both which offer a surprising amount of air flow when open.

“I spent months looking for a replacement to my old worn motorbike jacket. I'm a huge fan of Alpinestars! The Celer does not disappoint; fantastic fit, stylish, high quality material, and the airflow is SUPERB."

Make no mistake, this is a high-end, high-performance motorbike jacket. Like many Italian designs tend to be, this jacket is as stylish as it is functional. Though it does carry a bit of heft to it, the weight is very evenly spread out across the jacket, which is quite surprising for a garment that has so much armor and protection throughout.


  • Made of ultra-durable 1.3-millimetre leather
  • CE certified padding on elbows and shoulders
  • Comfort stretch fabric on sleeves and at neck line
  • Airflow present in both the front and back of the jacket
  • High-density perforations on chest, where you need it most
  • Waterproof, inner pocket present on chest
  • Two side hand warmer style pockets, complete with zippers for security
  • Flexible mesh around cuffs and at neck line, ensuring a comfortable, non-chafing experience
  • Fully capable of being accessorized, adding additional chest and back protection
  • Non-intrusive zipper at waist for optional attachment of Alpinestars riding pants
  • Metal D-ring volume adjusters for a more dialled-in fit at the waist and wrists
  • Stretch fabric panels allow for added flexibility and movement

Our Final Verdict

​The Alpinestars Celer Motorbike Leather Jacket is truly a cut above the competition. With its many features and sleek Italian design, it is easy to see why some have begun to call this jacket an “heirloom” style. This is a jacket that you can confidently invest money in, knowing that it will serve its purpose well and will withstand the test of time and use.

Of all the high-performance motorcycle jackets on the market today, the Celer is one of the highest ranking in its class. It has outperformed many others and, with its redesigned look and feel, is sure to continue its reputation as being one of the most modern and technologically sound jacket in its field.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Waterproof
  • Superior airflow 
  • Great material in medium price range
  • Bio-Armor in shoulders and elbows

The Bad

  • Premium price

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