Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket - Product Review

Perfect for riding on all seasons

Alpinestars Andes Drystar

What's the Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket?

Product Name:

Alpinestars Andes Drystar 

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Leather Motorcycle Jacket


The Alpinestars Andes jacket is a 3-season waterproof coat with a removable winter lining. Within, is a Gore-Tex waterproofing built into the shell. This waterproof liner provides great breathability to the jacket. This jacket is one of the top selling models for Alpinestars due to the high-quality material and fashionable style.

Touring gear needs to be more versatile because long distance traveling is associated with varied weather conditions. Apart from venting, the carrying capacity also determines how enjoyable your ride will be. Andes Drystar is a street motorcycle jacket produced by the famous Alpinestars. Despite being a top brand their products are very affordable.


Ventilation is facilitated by two upper intake vents and one rear exhaust vent. These vents in and draw out air at a reduced volume. The air flows freely when riding thus increasing comfort. This jacket has a two-piece zipper with the upper half capable of being flipped up to allow more air into the upper chest.

You can clip back the collar and allow air flow to the neck region. Wrists are fitted with a hook which allows you to control air flow up your arms when wearing the jacket over your gloves.

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Outer Shell and Appearance

Regarding material construction, this jacket provides high textile strength and an elegant look. The outer shell is made of a 6000-denier polyester outer shell with PU coating. It features reflective graphic details and company logos which are very well-placed. A breathable membrane provides waterproof capabilities. The material is 100 percent waterproof thus allowing you to ride in the rain without your under cloths getting soaked. This is also facilitated by the neck collar which closes well around the neck.

In terms of volume adjustment, a combination of leather and fabric straps secured by metal D-rings ensures a comfortable pleat in the stretch fabric when you tighten the fit. Unlike many other cheaper jackets, there is no uncomfortable bunching in any way. Another thoughtful design feature is the flexible mesh on the cuffs and neck liner. Sometimes, in hot weather, due to the constant rubbing of the garment against the skin, chafing can occur. Not so with this jacket. It is as comfortable as it is tough.

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Andes Drystar comes in a mixture of yellow and black colors. The black and grey models allow you to blend into the urban environment. The features of the jacket and the pants are similar despite being sold separately. Alpinestars Andes Drystar also comes with printed reflective coatings which accentuate the style of the gear as well as ensuring safety at night.

Inner Lining

Alpinestars Andes Drystar motorcycle jacket is made of a breathable and waterproof inner lining. It also features a removable thermal liner. The inner liner is complemented by external storm flaps. The waterproof liner is perfectly affixed to the inside. This increases waterproof capabilities by limiting the number of seams in the jacket. This dual construction allows air to circulate in between while drawing moisture and heat away through the vents.

You don't need to worry about injuries with the incorporation of removable CE-certified Bio-Armor shoulder and elbow protectors. There are also chest and back pad protectors compartments that are well padded with perfect comfort. Foam based armor offers flexibility and comfort by allowing free movement and energy and they help with absorption during impact crash. This jacket offers abrasion resistance with the inclusion of reinforced TPU print texture in critical lower arms and elbow areas.

“A friend recommended this jacket to me. Thank god I listened to him. One of the best investments I have made since I have started riding"

The sleeves and the waist feature a dynamic fit panel which improve fit and feel. Pre-curved sleeves and volume adjustment on the top provide a better fit and excellent riding performance. Snaps are used to tighten the sleeves on the upper arm to keep the extra fabric from flapping. There are also internal zippers that connect to the inner waist. The extended length allows you to attach Alpinestars pants with zippers which help you seal in the warmth and relieve extreme conditions.

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The shoulders are zippered to regulate temperatures within. There are also exhaust vents at the back which control internal temperatures thus improving riding comfort.

The lining allows you to use the jacket to the point where you reach your full summer outfit. You can clip down the rear of the collar during summer.

The collar seals heat during winter and prevents your neck from sunburns during summer. It is plush, unlike other jackets which have a scratchy jacket. This collar is lined with soft fabric material and comes with a cut-out where it contacts the throat. Andes Drystar allows you to control the temperature by allowing little air through the arms and Velcro cuffs.


Pockets on the upper chest are also zippered thus improving aeration. These pockets also have a high capacity and waterproof capability. You can keep your toll way tickets and credit cards inside with many stored components which are easily accessible even with gloved hands. The front pockets feature YKK zippers with two double sliders.

The lower front pockets have storm flaps and waterproof zips. This oversized rear pocket can hold your inner liner if your motorbike has no storage space. You can even fit big accessories like a camera. The front pockets are very convenient since they make the jacket less tight compared to side pockets. The lower back of the jacket features utility pockets, internal pockets, and an insert wallet pocket.

 Features That Make This Jacket a Classic

  • Chest and back pad compartments with poly-foam padding
  • Advanced reinforced poly-fabric textile and Alpinestars exclusive DRYSTAR
  • Impact protection provided by removable CE-certified Bio-Armor elbow and shoulder protectors
  • ​Integrated reflective graphic details and logos
  • Upper sleeve volume adjustment and waist adjustment belt
  • Pre-contoured sleeves with stretch panels on elbows for improved riding performance

Our Final Verdict

​Andes Drystar motorcycle jacket from Alpinestars is a stylish, comfortable and affordable. This jacket is suited to cooler and warm climates. It has a great venting within the two linings. The inner lining is very breathable and waterproof allowing Drystar to maintain ideal internal conditions during extreme weather. The appearance is great with stylish graphics. Shiny colors also ensure safety while riding at night.

The zippers and sleeves fit perfectly and play a role in venting. Certified Bio-armor protects your elbows, chest, shoulders and back during impact. Drystar also offers unlimited storage capacity for the items you need on tour. There are few downsides like poor collars and opposite zippers. Otherwise, it's a great motorcycle jacket that allows you to enjoy rides in all weather conditions.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Keeps you comfortable during cold and warm conditions
  • Highly waterproof
  • Many pockets with large storage capacity
  • Made of durable material
  • Shiny appearance improves security at night

The Bad

  • Left zipper is inconvenient
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