What are the Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets?

My cupboards are jam packed with leather and textile riding gear and my wife have given up on tidying my man cave because I have motorcycle crap everywhere. This weekend she made me do a big spring clean (yes I know in my own man cave!) and it surprised me to see how much Alpinestars gear I owned. Here’s our pick for the top 5 best Alpinestars motorcycle jackets.

5 Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets Review

#1 - Alpinestars Celer Men's Jacket

Alpinestars Celer

This is high-quality Alpinestars leather jacket which is one of the best in the market. With a fashionable design, this coat looks great on anyone. The perfect mixture of fashion, safety, and value.

It has certain race-grade features in the form of a 1.3mm full grain leather, ventilated speed hump, and a CE-certified shoulder and elbow protection pads.

Many riders have mentioned the Alpinestars Celer jacket is a perfect fit, so you may have to order a size larger for the coat to fit comfortably if you like some extra space. This is the most popular jacket from the Alpinestars brand. Overall, a great looking motorcycle coat that has a great fit with great protection.

#2 - Alpinestars Andes Jacket

Alpinestars Andes

The Andes Drystar model is a fantastic touring riding jacket that is both respected for its technical makeup but also boasts to be one of the most comfortable wearing jackets.

It is 100% waterproof which is a must with the coat you buy. Due to the style, it is not too hot to wear during the hot summer days and it's perfect for the cold winter days. It has CE-certified Bio-Armor protectors, back, and chest padded compartments.

So with the Alpinestars Andes model, you know you will be well protected. The style is very modern with superb stitching, reinforcing zippers and pockets. You really can't go wrong with this Alpinestars waterproof rain jacket.

#3 - Alpinestars Viper Air

Viper Coat

This Alpinestars mesh jacket is exactly what you would expect from this brand. The mesh panelling material gives you much-needed temperature control which many coats can't get the right balance to. This Alpine star jacket is guaranteed to ventilate you in the heat, as well as keeping you warm during the cold winter mornings.

This model is made of high-quality 600 Denier, which makes the material super tough. Many bikers want a good looking racing coat and this model does not disappoint. This Alpinestars jacket ticks many boxes. If you want fantastic quality with the flexibility of an all-season jacket, then the Viper Air Textile is for you.

#4 - Alpinestars GP Pro

GP Pro

This one of the top premium Alpinestar riding jackets on the market for the super-sport enthusiasts or casual riders who want to look like one while driving. Many casual riders love the look of this Alpinestars GP Pro mainly because the jacket has all the ergonomics and protective features of a standard professional racing coat.

It has full grain 1.3mm premium leather chassis, removable CE rated armor with reflective material for improved rider visibility. You normally get what you pay for in life, and with this Alpinestars jacket, you really do get the best.

#5 - Alpinestars T-GP Plus R

Alpinestars GP- Plus

This is a full technical Alpinestars textile jacket aimed at sport riding enthusiasts. Like the standard GP Pro jacket, many riders love the look of these coats. You look cool with probably the best safety features you can find on any motorbike coat. This style is a women's favorite.

The Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air jacket has mesh paneling with an unbeatable 450/600D Polyester shell. It has a CE certified elbow and shoulder armor for impact protection and with chest and back protectors giving you the ultimate bike jacket. 

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Always Keeping Your Safety First

Obviously, everybody is different and will have different perspectives on which brand is better, so I guess what it really comes down to is…what do people look for when searching for a superior product? I think one word comes to every riders mind first and for most….SAFETY!

As much as we all feel the need for speed I don’t think any of us including the riding greats really wants to see their body parts smashed against a wall or tree. If you're throwing yourself around a track at speeds in excess of 300kph on a bike that's packing 230hp you’d want to make sure you’re pretty well protected am I right? I’m not saying I particularly ride with this much power on a daily basis but I do ride really fast sometimes and hobbyists like me need protection!

You can’t call yourself a superior brand unless you continue to test and push the boundaries of innovation and Alpinestars motorcycle jackets are very well known for rigorously testing their products to the limit to ensure rider safety.

They subject all their products through a series of tests that mimic crash-like conditions before anything hits the market. For example, Alpinestars motorcyle jackets go through an Abrasion Test that simulates sliding along the pavement. This is where the leather or textile materials used for their jackets are dropped several times from every conceivable direction onto a rotating belt with a 60-grit sandpaper-like surface.

If the garment can survive for more than 4 seconds, it passes the test and is granted Level 1 certification. Level 2 certification requires it to remain intact for more than seven seconds. Other tests include the Impact Cut Test, which simulates encountering a piece of debris, like glass, while sliding on the road and the Burst Strength test, which evaluates the rigidity and hardness of the garment and seams when hit with extreme force.

Now I don’t know about you but if you don’t feel safe wearing gear that has been tested by people that resemble the guys from “Mythbusters” then nothing will make you happy.

 Tech-Air Street Airbag

Alpinestars Revolutionises Safety With The Tech-Air Street Airbag System

When Alpinestar first released the new Tech-Air Street Airbag System, developed for street riding it was a pivotal moment in the market and a major step in motorbike safety. Traditionally, airbag systems have been reserved for the track enthusiasts and are often considered a luxury feature because they're so expensive.

The Alpinestars Tech-Air system is a self-contained undergarment device that employees an airbag that covers the rider's neck and back in the event of a harsh crash. If the system senses a hard deceleration and impact along with other factors, it deploys. According to Alpine star, last year's race season saw over 200 deployments, none of which were misfires. The system is known for being precise and accurate, only deploying when it should.

Now, riders can benefit from the full protection of airbags without having to commute in a full tracksuit. In the event of a crash, the airbags will inflate to cover the back, shoulders, kidneys, chest and upper abdomen. It has been proven that this new piece of technology works and now all the major brands in the market have brought out their own version of the Airbag system, but you saw it first with Alpine motorcycle jackets of course.

Cost vs Value: Is Alpinestars Worth It?

Ok so safety is the most important factor for riders, but that’s definitely not to say it’s the only thing that gets our attention when choosing a superior product. Price is another major point to consider when people fall into the rabbit hole of this sport. Let’s face it the motorsport industry is expensive and whether you are a professional racer or just an extreme hobbyist the dollars can certainly add up. I can’t even begin to explain the countless financial arguments my wife and I have had over the value of having groceries in the fridge for the next month as opposed to spending that money on a new pair of the Tech 5 boots (don’t even get me started).

So what I learned when having these debates with the misses is the best way to perceive cost is to look at the VALUE it brings. Yes, the cost of Alpinestars jackets can seem a little on the high-end scale of things depending on the product you are purchasing, however at least you can rest assure that the price you are paying for the logo stitched to your product means you are getting tested and certified safety equipment.

Alpinestars also take a lot of pride in the design of their products and have been industry leaders in manufacturing comfortable and stylish gear. Each year their designers work hard to improve on the last model they released as well as keep up with their competitors. When I was growing up, the Tech 8 was the boot that all my superheroes wore.

Guys like Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael dominated the sport while wearing Alpinestars Tech 8s. These days, the Tech 8 still has the same reputation, but they certainly didn’t stop there. Alpinestars’ latest version is the Tech 8 RS, which looks sharp, has new bright colours and other numerous small refinements that have brought the boot even closer to perfection. VALUE trumps on the price I say!

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Our Final Verdict

Ok so to wrap this up I personally think Alpinestars is a superior brand because they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to manufacturing top class motorcycle equipment and apparel. When you buy your first Alpinestar motorcycle jacket, you will realise that it's one of the best investments you have ever made.

The reason why they are considered one of the biggest motorcycle superstores around the world is because they understand understand the needs of their market and desired and spend their time evolving and innovating their products to ensure safety, comfort, and style giving quality value to all their customers.


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