Best All-Weather Motorcycle Pants: Brand Ratings & Reviews

As busy people, we don’t want the inconvenience of taking extra clothes with us when we ride. We want to be able to pull on our biker pants, ride, park up, and blend in with the rest of the crowd once we reach our destination. Biker pants offer us both freedom and safety.

Motorcycle pants have to be versatile and comfortable in all weathers. When choosing them, you need to think about waterproofing and washing. Do you want light and breathable gore-tex, mesh motorbiking trousers, or a cargo style pant with pockets?

While we may not have the body of Marlon Brando in The Wild One, it doesn’t mean we have to settle for wearing big and bulky overalls that look more ski slacks. In this post, we help you find stylish and versatile pants to take you from bike to bar and beyond.

Here’s our pick of the top biker pants on the market.

Top 10 All-Weather Motorcycle Pants




Our Rating



Scorpion Covert Pro

Scorpion Covert Pro


Viking Cycle Saxon

Viking Cycle Saxon


Alpinestars Express Drystar

Leather Factory


Alpinestars AST-1 WP

Alpinestars AST-1 WP


Alpinestars Missile Airflow

Alpinestars Missile Airflow


Alpinestars Jagg Leather

Alpinestars Jagg Leather


Alpinestars Crank Riding Jeans

Alpinestars Crank Riding Jeans


Joe Rocket Phoenix

Joe Rocket Phoenix


Speed & Strength Dogs Of War

Speed & Strength Dogs Of War


Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Nomex

Tourmaster Sentinel 2.0 Nomex

Moto Pants at a Glance

Your moto chaps are designed to keep you comfortable and safe. Abrasion-resistant riding slacks defend from grazes. They also protect you with their clever fabric: breathable gore-tex and mesh prevent you from getting too hot.

Some moto pants are lightweight enough to wear during the height of summer, as well as being UV-resistant. Waterproof and padded motorbike chaps are a must-have during the winter months.

If you ride in both summer and winter you may need several pairs to equip you for all weather scenarios (depending on where you live).

Biker bottoms are not cheap. As with all endurance clothing, you get what you pay for. Make sure you invest in high-quality protective trousers that will protect you whatever the riding conditions.

How To Choose The Ideal Motorbike Trousers

When choosing your motorbike slacks, think about the weather you most commonly find yourself riding in. The types of slacks on the market are varied and include many useful design features: adjustable padding, reflective panels for nighttime wear, reinforced stitching etc.

So, where do you start when choosing your perfect biking togs?

Quality Of Materials

Abrasion-resistant materials and stitching protect you from the most common form of biking accident — road rash — where the skin is grazed from minor slides on the tarmac. Also look for moisture-wicking and aramid fabrics. This design feature prevents ‘swamp butt’ on long rides by drawing sweat away from your skin.

Varying Weather Conditions

For dual-sport riding and touring motorbike gear, you will want clothing that changes with the weather. For example, you may need to go from full-on rainproof coverage to needing vents that cool you down in hotter temperatures. UV-protection will also help equip you for tour riding during the summer months.

Armor Protection

Soft or hard armor should be a must-have product specification. Soft armor provides lightweight and comfortable padding to protect you from falls. Reactive armor (known as D30®) is pliable to the touch, but hardens on impact — a potentially life-saving piece of technology for bikers.

Styles Of Motorcycle Trousers

You can find plenty of moto jeans that are packed with performance features but look like regular, slimline jeans. Alternatively, you may be looking for the more conventional style of black leather motor chaps. Here is a rundown of the main motorbike pant types.

Moto Jeans

If you use your motorbike mainly for commuting, you need slacks that will also look cool on the street. Abrasion-resistant 12 oz denim withstands tarmac grazes, but won’t give you the full protection of a textile pant. Look for Kevlar or Aramid fabric and armor inserts.

Adventure Motorcycle Pants

Touring/adventure motorbiking chaps are the most expensive because they contain multiple fabric types and intelligent design features, making them all-terrain trousers. Typically these models are gore-tex, waterproof, have carry armor, include liners for warmth, have their own ventilation and come with cargo pockets.

Motorbike Overpants

If you are a commuter, you may be looking for simple waterproof overpants. These are on the cheap end of the scale; however, they’re no substitute for proper biker chaps.

Dedicated Motorcycle Trousers

These are the classic style of pant most of us picture when we think of biker chaps. Typically, they’re made of leather and hard or soft armor. They can also come with zippers attaching to a jacket, creating a full moto suit.

Off-Road MX Pants

MX slacks score highly for flexibility and ventilation. However, as braces and armor are worn over the legging, these may have less armored protection built-in.

Best Moto Jeans

● The Scorpion Covert Pro Jeans are made from heavy 14oz denim and165GSM DuPont™ Kevlar® lining.

● Pockets for SAS-TEC knee and hip pads (sold separately).

● Athentic denim tailoring in typical five-pocket jean style.

Top Adventure Motorcycle Trousers

● The Viking Cycle Saxons are waterproof and highly durable, perfect for adventure riders.

● Made from 600D ballistic tri-tex materials. Also featuring reflective panels on the side, front, and back.

● Can be worn as overtrousers, or selected in a smaller size and warn as closer fitting adventure chaps.

Best Motorbike Overpants

● The Alpinestars Express Drystar Textile Overpants are made from 600D, PU-coated fabrics, with CE-certified knee protectors — a commonly overlooked feature in overpants.

● They contain an inner Drystar membrane that is breathable and waterproof.

● They also include an 8” jacket to pant zipper.

Top Dedicated Motorcycle Trousers

● The Alpinestars AST-1 WP pant offers ultimate comfort, made up of a multi-fabric shell design and CE-approved knee pads.

● They have a curved construction, sitting comfortably on the body when it is in the riding position.

● Adjusts at the waistband to offer a snug fit.

Best Off-Road MX Pants

● These Alpinestars Missile Airflow chaps are leather and double-stitched, to offer maximum abrasion-resistance.

● In terms of class-leading safety features, these slacks include CE-approved GPR knee and shin protectors.

● Its internal mesh lining and accordion leather stretch zones over the knee provide full range of body movement.

Top Leather Trousers

● The Alpinestars Jagg Leather chaps offer ultra-strong abrasion-resistant leather panels and stretch textile zones for outstanding comfort and fit.

● Pockets on the front carry a secure zipper, for the security of your possessions.

● Perforated panels appear strategically throughout to provide optimal airflow.

Best Moto Jeans Hybrid

● Alpinestars Crank Riding Jeans are both ultra strong and ultra stylish, with 13oz comfort denim, abrasion-resistance, and classic denim tailoring.

● It has aramid fiber reinforcement panels in the knee and saddle.

● Also includes velcro detachable knee pads and leather inserts.

Top Textile Pant

● The Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion pant is made of tough fabric, and contains CE-rated hip protectors and melt-resistant fabric on the lower leg.

● It offers 360-degree reflective visibility and INNO-LITE Ultra Reflective knee pads.

● Also comes with an adjustable waist to prevent the fabric from bunching.

Best Cargo Pants

● Speed and Strength Dogs Of War slacks are slimline, stylish, and have spacious pockets.

● They’re also strong with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber thread in the knee and seat.

● Made from a cotton/polyester blend with stretch panels built-in.

Top Waterproof Trousers

● Made 600D ballistic tri-tex and rip-proof material, these Tour Master Sentinel 2.0 Nomex

● trousers are 100% waterproof.

● They include a zip-out liner that is quick to put on.

● Four-way stretch panels in the groin make for a comfy fit.

Final Thoughts

Picking out your ideal pair of moto chaps requires you to think about performance features, fabric, and desired fit so that you can achieve maximum comfort and protection. All high-quality biker slacks on the market will be made from an abrasion-resist material. Most will contain a form of soft or hard armor in the knees and hips.

Heat resistant leathers and textiles on the inside of the knees are a great feature, as are detachable linings for extra warmth and armored protection zones.

The most important thing is to consider the weather and terrain conditions you will be wearing these pants in. Find the perfect mix of high-performance materials to keep you safe and temperature-controlled.

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