Pilot Trans Urban Motorcycle Jacket - Product Review

Completely waterproof & well ventilated design

Pilot Trans Urban Motorcycle Jacket 

What's the Pilot Trans Urban Motorcycle Jacket?

Product Type:

Adventure  Motorcycle Jacket


The Pilot Men's Trans. Urban is a great men's motorcycle jacket for anyone who is planning on doing some touring. The jacket is a waterproof 3/4 length jacket that is designed with safety and practicality in mind. The coat is made out of abrasion resistant 600D Nylon Polyester Fabric, with additional 1680D Ballistic NPF overlays for added protection and strength.

This coat is waterproof and features removable Thermolite warmth liner as well as an air ventilation system, making this coat suitable for various weather conditions. In addition, this touring jacket offers a lot of storage space, thanks to its many pockets, all of which are marked with Pilot’s exclusive red tab visibility system.

If you are looking for a waterproof touring coat that is designed with style, safety, and practicality in mind, the Pilot Men’s Trans. Urban coat is a favorite pick. Pilot is a reputable motorcycle equipment brand, known for their high quality and durable designs, and in my opinion, this coat is no exception. The material is abrasive resistant and adds additional layers of warmth, making it perfect for riding on cold or chilly days.

The Pilot motorcycle coat is comfortable and easily adjustable, with Velcro pockets and collar snaps which reduce flapping at high speeds. This adventure motorcycle jacket has a sleek design and offers a lot of storage space, but below I have listed the main reasons why I would recommend this jacket.

Long List Of Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when shopping for a motorcycle coat, and Pilot always impresses with their safety features. The Trans. Urban touring jacket is made out of high quality, durable, and abrasion resistant fabric, with additional overlays.

The integrated armor of this coat absorbs and disperses any impact with microcellular PU armor in the elbows and shoulders that are removable and CE approved. This jacket even features vertically adjustable CORE chest protection attachment for those seeking even more security.

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Designed For All  Weather Conditions

Anyone who has been stuck riding in the rain appreciates that having a waterproof coat is a huge plus. Pilot’s Trans. Urban Motorcycle Touring riding jacket is made out of water resistant pilotex 600D NFP, maintaining comfort and protecting your belongings even in wet conditions. If you are driving in the cold, you will also appreciate the removable Thermolite warmth liner which adds an addition layers of heat. If instead, you are riding in warm or dry conditions, the zippered air ventilation on the chest and arms which are designed to maximize airflow.

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Easily Adjustable

Having a coat that is easily adjustable doesn’t just make for a more comfortable fit, it also increases your jackets functionality and safety. The adjustable Velcro waist straps and TPR pulls on this coat make it easy to adjust so that all of the armor is properly fitted.

The pocket, sleeve, and collar snaps/straps also add to a seamless fit and prevent distracting flapping when driving at high speeds.

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Our Final Verdict

Overall, this review will show that this jacket is a great quality product for outstanding value. I would recommend this product for those looking for waterproof and weather resistant gear that offers trustworthy protection.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • CE approved armor
  • Waterproof
  • Removable Thermolite liner provides added warmth for cold weather riding
  • Abundant pocket storage
  • High visibility with reflective material
  • Great price

The Bad

  • Too warm for summer riding
  • Waterproof lining reduces ventilation
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