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The most professional motorcycle touring jacket on the planet

Klim Badlands Pro Motorcycle Jacket

What's the Klim Badlands Pro Motorcycle Jacket?

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Adventure Touring Motorcycle Jacket


The Badlands jacket by Klim is, and always will be one of our favourite riding jackets for it is lightweight, durable, provides great protection from weather and impacts and all this while boasting a comfortable streamline design. The Klim Badlands jacket is made of a super durable material known as a 3-layer Gore-Tex. This fabric is windproof, waterproof, and very breathable.

Designed in a way that reduces the accumulation of sweat from the body so you remain cool in the heat and warm in the cold. The 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric is engineered to withstand impacts and abrasion while traversing rugged environments. Because this material is so sturdy, it will last a very long time for the user making your motorcycle touring jacket investment very sound. The Klim Badlands coat is breathable for both ends of the heat/cold spectrum and withstands heavy winds and water with ease.

The Klim Badlands coat, while being waterproof and comes with 8 zippered vents called max flow ventilation ports to improve the ventilation during riding. These are positioned all over the coat, 4 on the arms, 2 pit intakes and 2 vertical back exhausts.

 Armour & Protection Features 

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This jacket is at the top of the list for impact protection as it employs adjustable D30 Viper T5 Armor technology. There are chest protectors and a CE Level II back protector.

CE stands for “Certified European” which refers to the European motorcycle safety standards which America has adopted as a safety standard, but which is not required by law.

This special Armor in the Klim Badlands coat is made from a patented polymer whose molecules flow freely when it is at rest but lock together when impacted. The Armor will spread the impact force across a large area and absorb the energy even with its slim design. It's because of this unique construction that allows the Armor in the badlands coat to be sleek and flexible while still maintaining CE-certified protection. There is Gore-Tex 3-layer pro shell talisman Super fabric abrasion-resistant material on the shoulders, elbows and forearm of the motorcycle jacket. You can also adjust the Armor pockets for perfect placement.

It Really Is The Motorcycle Touring Jacket That Offers Everything

Klim’s Badlands jacket range also includes an integrated jacket-stabilizing, removable and adjustable kidney belt support system and a hydration bladder compartment with an internal hose route. The belt is a very important feature for your kidneys as these organs are vital in your whole body health, controlling blood pressure, volume, electrolyte concentrations and coordinating with the endocrine system through hormones.

This organ, from historically being susceptible to injury against impacts from handlebars to hard rocks and impacts has been taken into careful consideration by riding companies and developers to create not only a safe protective layer, but making it adjustable and comfortable for the rider as well. This coat comes with a built in back protector and internal harness and the bladder that sits behind the protector holds 3 liters of liquid and with the aid of the harness, the rider doesn’t feel the weight from the liquid.

““This jacket is the reason why Klim are known as the best gear manufacturers for adventure riding.”

The Klim Badlands coat is a very comfortable as well as durable piece of adventure riding gear. It is lined with a mesh comfort liner and a lined comfort collar which is a slightly taller collar with extra soft fabric at the front of your throat.

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This jacket also comes with a jacket-to-pant zipper integration system to connect everything together for you, seamless and easy. The zippers are all durable YKK zippers, and the outer shell is covered in a water resistant urethane coated material in all exposed areas. There are Velcro Wrist closures and 4 sleeve adjustment straps.

What Others Have Said In Their Review 

If you read some of the reviews posted online about the performance of the coat, you will see why we are highly recommending this product to our readers. Stephen L Sanderson posted in one of his motorcycle jacket reviews on Amazon during his recent rainy trip with the coat, not a drop leaked on him. He states “well designed and it is not hot either! I rode some days in the 80’s and never sweated because of the really great airflow designed into the jacket and pants”.

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Our Final Verdict

All around, this coat has it all. Functionality, safety and form. This is a phenomenal purchase for your peace of mind and safety. It functions well in all climates, looks good, and has a high level of Armor protection and a ventilation system that makes its performance comfortable and advanced. Plenty of pockets and storage, a bladder system and comfort liner put this jacket at the top of our lists, rugged and effective.

The Klim Badlands jacket is definitely one of the most professional jackets you can find on the market today.

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Our Rating


The Good

  • Fully adjustable ventilation system with more than 8 ports to allow perfect flow
  • Highest level of Armour 
  • Will last for decades
  • Lots of pockets for storage

The Bad

  • More costly than lower quality models
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