What are the Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets?

If you’re into motocross, off-roading, or are preparing for a seriously long ride - you need an adventure motorcycle jacket which can keep up with you. Of course, you want to look like badass smashing those jumps on the track, but you also want CE-certified protection to keep you safe during an fall.

The perfect touring jacket is comfortable, armored, and has plenty of storage space. It should transition easily between different types of rough terrain, and still give you plenty of swagger when you get out of the saddle.

The best brands are designed to protect you against any element - cold, heat, snow, mud, rain - it should be tough enough to handle them all. Whether your mudding it up for an afternoon, or taking off on a multi-day journey, the best adventure coat will help you ride with confidence, and look cool doing it too.

Here's the top best adventure motorcycle jackets on the market today.

5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets Review


Men's Biker Coat

Pilot Men's Trans Urban

The Pilot Trans Urban Touring jacket is a serious war-machine. The CE-approved microcellular armor offers top-of-the-line abrasion resistance, and the elbow and shoulder pads are designed for absorbing and disbursing hard impact.

Every piece of this baby is adjustable for maximum comfort. Waist, sleeves, collar - you can customize them all to find your perfect fit. The standout feature of this coat is that it has tons of pockets which integrate with ride-along electronics. It also comes with a two-year warranty so you know your investment is safe.

This coat is waterproof, breaths during hot weather, and has a zip-in thermoliner to keep you warm during freezing temps. The best part? Reviews from real riders say they’ve dumped their bike more the once while wearing this coat and got up without a scratch.


Short Coat

Xelement CF-380 Armored Black

If you need serious protection, this Xelement CF-380 bad boy has passed the highest level of impact tests. With removable armor on the upper back, lower back, shoulders and arms - you can choose the level of protection you need to craft your perfect ride.

The removable quilted liner offers cold-protection in the winter, but it has a mesh lining underneath for maximum breathability. While your tender bits are protected by the CE-certified padding, the zippered pockets keep your stuff safe too.

Reviews say the material on this coat is a bit rough - so you’ll need to wear it regularly to break it in before getting your perfect fit. Just make sure to buy a size up since they tend to run small.


Grey Item

Joe Rocket Men's Velocity

This contoured Velocity touring jacket is not only super sleek, but seriously comfortable. Rest easy that you won’t have to sacrifice safety to look cool and ride smooth. We give this jacket two thumbs up for safety thanks to the high density rib padding and fitted armor which offer fantastic protection.

Thanks to the mesh shell and removable waterproof liner, this coat is extremely breathable. Perfect for those long rides on hot summer days touring cross country. A lot of riders report that the extra armor makes for a snug fit, so make sure to get a larger size if you need some extra room or want to wear a hoodie underneath.


joe rocket mens velocity

Joe Rocket Men's UFO 2.0

This Joe Rocket men's Dual-sport adventure jacket is the coolest of the cool. And we’re not just talking about optimal airflow (which it excels at), this jacket is looks REALLY badass.

You’ll feel like a kickass motocross pro rocking the reinforced CE-approved armor. Removable pads make this sucker super customizable, and there’s even a pant attachment if you want to go full-blown suit.

Reviews say riders have bit the dust in this jacket more than once, and walked away scott free. If you’re willing to invest a little extra cash so you can look cool and ride hard with maximum protection, then this is the coat.


Side Image

Joe Rocket Ballistic

This is it. The ultimate dual-sport touring adventure jacket.

  • Water resistant
  • Ballistic Nylon reinforced armor
  • Removable high-impact spine pads
  • Ample storage space
  • Extreme ventilation and airflow
  • High-quality material which lasts for years

This baby has it all.

It’s not cheap, but we promise this will be the absolute best adventure motorbike coat you’ll ever wear. Not only that, this is one of the most adjustable motorbike jackets on the market, so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

If you only buy one adventure motorbike jacket in your whole life - absolutely go with the Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket.

Features to Look for in an Adventure Motorcycle Jacket


Rugged Material

If you’ve ever taken a spill, you know how important it is that your jacket holds up to abrasion. Not only that, but weather protection and wind resistance are critical to a safe and comfortable ride.

Look for big metal zippers to make sure you stay zipped up during a ride, and check that snaps are heavy-duty so they keep extra material in place instead of flapping around.



Nothing is worse than feeling suffocated while trying to stay safe. While it’s important to stay warm and waterproof during freezing temps, you also want to make sure a jacket is breathable, and allows for maximum airflow.

Look for jackets with zip-out liners or zippered vents to make sure you have ample ventilation when things heat up.



If you wanted tons of trunk space you’d get a sedan, but you still need to carry your gear while cruising on your bike as well. A solid adventure jacket should have plenty of pockets so you can stash your stuff, and they should be secure to keep everything safe.

Don’t even think of buying a jacket without zippered pockets, but also check that the zippers are covered and out of the way to avoid abrasion during a fall.



The whole point of an adventure motorbike coat is to keep you safe during multi-terrain and dual-sport rides. That’s why it’s important to make sure your coat is adjustable and customizable, depending on the needs of the day.

Check for removable liners, adjustable waist and collars, as well as snaps to secure any fabric which could flap around in high wind. Overall your motorbike coat should offer multiple layers of protection, while giving you the flexibility to adjust as you take off on your perfect ride.

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